Brovember Day 30 – Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

On this, the final day of Brovember, let us look back on the friendships we’ve explored. Whether these friendships were pulled from the pages of a book, snatched from the silver screen, or just a weekly bro-down on a TV series, they all shared one notable feature; The characters features in these pairings were fictional. Well, that is not the case with this, our last entry into the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Brovember Hall of Fame. There is no denying the real world existence of…

Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

Henry and Glenn 5

Sure, the versions featured in this article are (as far as we know) heavily fictionalized, but they are still based on two very real men who also happen to have been the frontmen for groundbreaking hardcore punk bands. The hilarious indy comic Henry and Glenn Forever shows the shared home life of these two men, and the reader soon sees that they are far more sensitive than they would like their fans to think. Also?  They share a white picket fence with fellow suburban housemates Darryl Hall and John Oates!  That’s right, everyone… this is a BROVEMBER BONUS!! 

Hall Oates 1

In this comic the Kings of Blue-Eyed Soul are satanists, but damn neighborly ones at the end of the day, so who’s counting?The friendship between both pairs of housemates featured in this series don’t shy away from romantic implications.

Henry and Glenn 4

But just because Henry and Glenn are devoted lovers doesn’t mean they can’t also be the very best friends this world has ever known! In fact, it only tempers their beautiful relationship. Definitely give these books a read, they deserve it. If you are even vaguely familiar with these four musical figures you’ll be able to get the humor, and a deeper knowledge only enriches the experience, shedding light on some inside jokes. For example, if you’re familiar with Frank Frazetta and Danzig’s relation thereto, the following drawing will have a deeper meaning. But even if you’re not, the idea of an axe-wielding Danzig riding Henry Rollins like a pony should still elicit some response.

Henry and Glenn 2

Henry and Glenn

And so, as Brovember draws to a close I hope we’ve all learned a thing or two about friendship. I hope we’ve all learned how to be better friends to one another and spread the secular joy of brotherly love as we enter the Christmas Season. I leave you with a message from the neighbors, kicking off your Holidays!

Henry and Glenn 7

Special thanks to occasional podcast guest Peter Porker for suggesting today’s most glorious Brovember spotlight.

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