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Happy Thanksgiving Evil Geekites, before you gorge yourself at the trough of the turkey gods let’s take a minute to talk those globe-trotting, terrorist fighting, wise cracking, one of them might be a robot(ing?), semi-governmental Agents of SHIELD.  Week by week the story is slowly unfolding (some would say a little too slowly) and we’re learning more about the members of the team.  This week’s main threat comes in the form of a lab accident survivor, who may have become telekinetic as a result. In the background though, we learn a little more about the backstory of Melinda May, AKA the Cavalry.  Get on the bus kiddies, wheels up in 5!

This week the SHIELD team is dealing with their first telekinetic… sort of.  Not too long ago there was a horrific lab accident in small Utah town.  The person who everyone believed to be responsible, the lab’s safety inspector, survives and she ends up facing some serious scorn at the hands of the locals. One day as the now former safety inspector is attempting to get some groceries, the manager of the store tells her that one of his good friends died in the accident.  The inspector turns to leave but the manager stops her and that’s when shit got crazy.  Items begin flying off the shelves, some gas gets spilled at the pumps outside the store and eventually there’s a tiny, little, massive explosion.  Since a criminal with possible super powers is involved, naturally SHIELD is on the case.  As the team is meeting the lab inspector for the first time, things start to get a little telekinetic-crazy.  Before the scene gets too out of hand though, Melinda takes out the possible telekinetic without so much as batting an eyelash.  Once they get the inspector back to the “bus”, the team begins looking into the accident and finds that the real reason for the strange happenings isn’t telekinesis, instead the culprit is a “ghost”.  Tobias, the aforementioned ghost, isn’t actually an apparition. As a result of the lab accident (which he was actually responsible for) he’s gained the ability to phase in and out of this dimension much like Nightcrawler.

marvels-agents-of-shield-repairs-clark-gregg   I liked the story for the episode, but I really feel that the writers really squandered an opportunity to use an established villain.  The role of the show, aside from telling its own story, is the expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond what has already been established in the movies.  A weekly show can fill in more background information on the world that we’re witnessing much faster than a series of two-hour movies every six months can.  I’m not opposed to adding new villains to the mix, but why not use a recognizable name for the villain a pay a little service to the fans.  I’m also not saying that there should be supervillains on the show with plans as wide in scope as Loki’s was in The Avengers, but it certainly would be nice to see some B level baddies getting some screen time as well as a chance to possibly set them up for larger roles in the movies somewhere down the line.  I realize Fox owns the screen rights to the X-Men so Disney couldn’t use Nightcrawler in this universe, but Tobias’ powers were IDENTICAL to those of the fuzzy elf’s. He’d pop into a little sub-dimension (which looks a lot like Hell and probably smells just like sulfur and brimstone, much like the odor emitted when Kurt bamfs around) and pop back out somewhere else here.  There’s plenty of baddies who can teleport or even invent a teleportation device like the one Deadpool had, why not use one of them? It certainly would silence some of the critics of the show who say that it’s moving really slowly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but throw us a bone every now and then.  Keep us clamoring for more!


As all this craziness is happening, we learn a little more about Melinda and what she’s been through before joining Coulson’s team.  Fitz/Simmons tells Skye that Melinda earned the nickname “The Cavalry” by killing over 100 mercenaries while on horseback during a mission to rescue some fellow agents.  Turns out, that story might have been slightly exaggerated; the true story is much more grim than the one that’s been passed around.  Melinda did single-handedly kill a “Gifted” individual as well as a number of his followerss, but no one knows how she did it and in the process there may have been several casualties on the SHIELD side of the conflict as well as a civilian girl.  According to Coulson, it’s an incident that fundamentally changed Melinda’s character and personality and he’s deeply afraid that the person she once was is now gone forever.  Skye tells him that Coulson needs to keep looking for that person he knew inside of the icy husk that she seems like now.  Did anyone notice that Coulson pointed out that Skye and Melinda share some similar traits?  I’m really starting to believe that Melinda might be Skye’s mother and just maybe that the civilian girl from the Cavalry mission didn’t actually die.  Maybe Melinda and Coulson covered up the fact that the girl survived and that they brought her to an orphanage because the girl’s mother was in fact Melinda?  It’s totally not out of the realm of possibility. Skye is actually right about her as evidenced by the end of the episode.  It seems somebody pulled the old shaving cream in the hand while sleeping trick on Fitz while he was napping, but it wasn’t Simmons, Skye, Ward, or Coulson.  Cut to a shot of Melinda listening in to the rest of the groups conversation while piloting the Bus, with a partially contained smirk on her face.  Even though she’s seen some horrible crap in her time, there’s still a sliver of the old Melinda deep down inside.  Plus, we know she’s not a TOTAL ice queen; she did after all sleep with Ward.  Way to go to both of them!

Overall it was a really enjoyable episode, but I still feel like they should be using more material from the comic books in order to add them to the Marvel Cine U.  If they go that direction with the show, I can guarantee you’ll have the fanboys and girls foaming at the mouth every week, just waiting for the show to start.  They certainly are taking their time with letting out the big reveals (Coulson being an LMD/possibly the Vision, Skye’s parents, etc), but this is still one of my favorite watches every week.  Stick with us all season long for the lowdown on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

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