Brovember 28 – Shaun and Ed

I think you evil geek followers know by now that both C-Mart and Lilith here are huge fans of the Cornetto Trilogy. And while there are some great bromances encountered through all of them, just like the movies overall I find that in Shaun of the Dead to be my favorite: that between Shaun and Ed. Ed, the hopeless, unemployed, loser roommate, and Shaun the lost, needy, yet loyal best friend.


The phrase “bros before hoes” has been mentioned before during our month long escapade in to bromances. And Shaun and Ed seem to take their commitment to that oath to a whole new level. Hence poor Shaun’s relationship ends due to his inability to do anything with his girlfriend except bring along his disgusting best friend to a local pub called The Winchester. And even though it was technically partially Ed’s fault that Liz dumped Shaun, Ed knows how to make up for it, with a smashing night of drinking.


After this fabulous night of getting wasted, our two best friends wake up in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. They are of course true partners in their zombie destroying mission, initially getting quite a laugh smashing two zombies in their backyard with kitchen supplies. But when they realize the severity of the situation they set out on a mission to save their loved ones, or mainly Shaun’s loved ones. Which of course includes his newly single ex-girlfriend.


Despite Ed’s clumsiness and Shaun’s inability to make good decisions, these two almost make it out alive together. It is only in the very end that they realize they won’t all make it, and Ed makes the ultimate sacrifice so that his best bud can be with the woman he loves.

But this bromance surprises us with a happy ending: even though Ed’s been converted in to a zombie, he is still capable of being locked up in Shaun’s shed so the two can live out their lives together, enjoying video games together. How much better can you get?


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