Brovember Day 26 – ¡Three Amigos!

Before we get moving on today’s Brovember spotlight, a word of warning:  If you are a prude and only acknowledge a traditional “two man” bromance, this is not your day.  Turn back now, because today we break ground with Brovember’s first THREE-WAY BROMANCE! Three men whose friendship blossomed in the arid desert of Mexico. These three men, these “amigos” if you will, are known as:

Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, and Ned Nederlander

Three Amigos 1

Tropic Thunder. A Bugs Life. Galaxy Quest.  Fine movies all, make no mistake of that, and they all follow the same formula. A formula they borrowed from ¡Three Amigos!. A group of bumbling, perhaps washed up performers are mistaken for actual heroes and forced to actually save the day. And while I’m sure there will be plenty of disagreement on this point, I would champion for ¡Three Amigos! as the funniest and downright best of all of these movies.

Three Amigos - Those Darn Amigos

The 80s were a dry spell for cinematic westerns. They’d been a staple of film, and enjoyed a particular popularity throughout the middle of the 20th century, but the 1980s had few to speak of. Perhaps it was the failure of the 1980 epic western Heaven’s Gate that led to the downturn in cowboy pictures, 1981’s The Legend of the Lone Ranger certainly didn’t make matters any better. Whatever the cause, a generation (my generation) grew up without many credible Westerns. Perhaps that’s why my peers and I are so fond of this movie… sure, it’s a fantastic comedy, but it and with Back to the Future Part III served as the only fresh Westerns we’d have for our own, and both were more or less parodies of the genre.

Three Amigos Salute

Steve Martin and Chevy Chase both excelled, particularly in their heyday, at playing idiots. And they did it in very different ways; Steve Martin played the loud obnoxious moron while Chevy Chase played the childish, confused simpleton. Add to those two one Martin Short, in by far his most tolerable role ever, put John Landis in the director’s chair and you’ve got yourself one hell of a comedy.

I’ve personally loved this movie as far back as I can recall and that love only grew stronger this year when I, as a grown ass man, saw the Magnificent Seven for the first time. The Santa Poco situation in ¡Three Amigos! is borrowed in large part from the Magnificent Seven, and there are a few shots (particularly in the deleted scenes included on the Blu-Ray) that could have been lifted from the John Sturges classic.

But let’s not stray too far from the matter at hand, my friends.

So close-knit were these men that they lived under the same roof. They are shown, in a deleted scene, to take breakfast together in the morning and carpool to the studio. They share one horse and a tiny bed during their time in Mexico, and they are always prepared to perform a musical number with perfect choreography at a moment’s notice. Considering these things, it’s no wonder that trios of close friends often call themselves  the “Three Amigos”. Oftentimes, in fact, they are as foolish as the characters in this movie, so it really works out pretty well. These fine men are a fitting addition to our Brovember hall of fame, and as the month draws to a close don’t forget to check in over the next few days!


Three Amigos We Ride

Three Amigos We Fight

Three Amigos We Love

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  1. One of my favorite movies of all time! Don’t forget that Elmer Bernstein composed the score for both The Magnificent Seven and Three Amigos…

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