Zombie Round Up: Dead Weight

Evil Geeks, storywise, last week… may not have been the high point for the front portion of Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  On paper it sounds good; a solo episode featuring a fan favorite character who’d been missing in action for a while. The execution though may have been a little lacking.  As I said last week, I really hate it when a show dumps these one-shot episodes in the middle of a pretty heavy story arc.  It feels like a distraction, or maybe the head writer’s kid got sick that week so they had to stay home from work.  The thing that left we really nervous for this week’s episode was the fact that it looked like we’d be doubling down on another Governor-centric (or should I say Brian-centric) episode.  Damn it!  There’s still stuff going on at the prison that we want to know about! GET ON WITH IT!!!

A storyline with all the excitement of two dudes just hanging out in a field.

A storyline with all the excitement of two dudes just hanging out in a field.

Ugh… son of a bitch.  We’re stuck spending another week in Governor-ville.  On the upside, at least this will be a quick review to write.  Last week, the Governor led us to believe that just maybe he’d changed since the days when he was in charge of Woodbury. He’d found a new family to protect, he’d spent a lot of time reflecting on his past mistakes and seemed to have turned over a new leaf.  Well that was all a huge pile of shit.  After Martinez takes the Governor and his new family in after finding them helpless in the zombie traps, “Brian” seems to want to just be one of the guys. He assures Martinez that he’ll follow his lead and in Brian’s defense, he himself probably believed that too, right up until the point when Brian cracked Martinez over the back of the skull with a golf club.  After assuring everyone he just wanted to be a peaceful family man, he quickly is back to his ruthlessly, bloodthirsty, conniving ways.  He murders his way back to the top of the heap and uses intimidation to keep the one person who’s actually a threat to him, Mitch, (played by Fringe’s Kirk Acevedo) in check and loyal to only him.

the-walking-dead-season-4-kirk-acevedo-enver-gjokaj Oh yeah, I should probably mention a little something about Mitch. Back before the zombies showed up, Mitch was an Average Joe ice cream man, who decided one day to be all that he can be and joined the Army.  What did he do in the Army? Mine Sweeper? KP Duty? USO Shows? Nope, he was a tank driver and when the zombie outbreak happened, he grabbed his tank and took the hell off.  So basically, the Governor now has a tank.  We all remember what happened the last time the Governor had a tank, don’t we? Basically this spells huge honking trouble for Rick and the others at the prison.  When we first saw the Governor checking out the prison a few episodes back, it looked like he might have had some nefarious plans brewing; but after last week’s episode, the thought occurred to me that maybe he wasn’t actually planning something evil, maybe he was thinking about bringing his new family there.  Nope, definitely not going to happen.  The Governor’s gone off the deep end again and he’s got another group of people willing to follow him into battle.  Surely that isn’t going to turn out well for anyone inside the prison.  The Governor’s stated that his main purpose for leading the pack again is to ensure that there’s a leader in place who will do absolutely anything to protect his people.  Bet the farm on the fact that Mitch’s tank will soon be rolling through the fences of the prison.  Also, sooner or later “Brian’s” family will see his true nature and surely that isn’t something that will sit well with them.  How is the Governor going to react when he loses his family for a second time?  Make sure to check back here next week when the battle between the two camps erupts.  Will it be as bloody as it was in the comic? Time will tell!

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