Brovember 25 – Brian and Stewie


While Brian and Stewie might be reluctant to admit that they have an epic bromance between the two of them, these two are sidekicks for everything. And no, it’s nothing like your typical kid and his dog relationship. And while Brian is supposed to be the adult role-model for the two, he spends most of his sloshed so that Stewie has to save the two. That being said, these two have travelled the world together.

 Let’s see, they’ve time travelled to World War II together, they quested cross country to find Stewie’s possibly long lost father, and they journeyed to the North Pole together. In fact, they even were responsible for the big bang and resulting creation of the universe on one of their botched time travelling expeditions.


They’ve also spent quite a bit of time trapped or imprisoned together on many occasions. And despite their constant bickering they deep down confess their undying love to each other on a regular basis, usually just prior to escaping an otherwise doomed situation where they both expect to perish. Of course as soon as they survive they go back to their usual banter and picking on one another.

I think one of my favorite shared scenes for these two comes from the Stewie Griffin movie, when Brian tries to teach Stewie a lesson for drinking and the two get completely plastered together at The Drunken Clam. Of course their inebriated singing and discussions ends in the two, both wasted, driving drunk through the wall of the bar.


Now we all know most dogs only live to be 10-12 years old, but luckily for us the show seems to go on and on without any actual aging. We know from one time traveling venture to the future that Brian does eventually die, but for now my two favorite Family Guy characters can continue being bromantic together, going on many future travels and adventures together.


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