Brovember 24 – Ron Weasley and Harry Potter

Welcome back, we are approaching the end of our month-long spotlight of bromances and it makes me sad, but we still have a week to bring you some more favorites. Today I want to talk about Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, side kicks and best buds that get to become real brothers by the end. I’ve been writing a lot about Harry Potter this week, and realized how much of an old-fogie I am when it occurred to me that the initial Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was meant to take place in 1991! So that would be the year that this everlasting bromance began.


 Ron Weasley comes from a line of stellar wizards, though a little thrifty with their family having 7 kids, Ron being number 6 and the youngest boy. Of course Ron might have been tired of the brotherly relationships he had to endure growing up in the household of accomplished boys, but he and Harry Potter instantly hit it off. While Ron initially looked at Harry Potter as if he were a celebrity like most people were inclined to, he quickly got over that and was Harry’s first real friend.


From that first meeting on the Hogwarts Express, Harry and Ron have been timeless friends. Both are naturally full of courage, being that they are members of the house of Gryffindor, which works out well since Harry Potter seems to have a knack for getting himself in to dangerous situations. Ron, growing up in an all magical household, is able to bring Harry’s muggle training up to speed on the workings of the wizarding world. Harry, never having experienced a friendship before, is thrilled to have a best bud that he can share things with, whether that be some chocolate frogs from the trolley or just someone to confide all his secrets with. Of course, Hermione gets in the way of the bromance a little, acting like a third wheel sometimes, but her intelligence does help the otherwise dynamic duo.

Of course, like many bromances, these two experience a little bit of a rough patch, mostly in the form of jealousy during the Triwizard Tournament and again during Ron’s struggle carrying the horcrux during their quest to conquer Voldemort. But each time they get over themselves and realize their friendship and time spent together is more important than mixed feelings about Hermione or desires to be in the spotlight.


Ultimately, as we all expected, Ron and Hermione end up together, though Harry and Ron’s friendship never suffers from this. And eventually the two can truly be called brothers when Harry marries Ron’s sister Ginny, making them brother-in-laws. Though the movie made it a little too corny and unbelievable, I think the joking conversation Harry and Ron share at the platform to the Hogwarts Express showed how strong their friendship remained. Ron and Hermione, the classic married couple, are playfully bickering about Ron possibly confounding his muggle driving test examiner, and Ron secretly confesses to Harry that he did indeed do just that, enjoying a playful laugh with his best friend. I am sure this bromance will go down in history as one of the strongest.

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  1. So true!! Harrys and Rons Friendship is pure gold and omg so precious! <33

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