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This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. our team has to clean up after Thor and his buddies from Asgard who made a big mess in the blockbuster Thor: The Dark World. What happens when mere mortals get the power of the Gods (or aliens…whatever you subscribe to.) Read on to find out…

Our show opens in London with our team picking up after Thor and Malekith’s big fight at the end of The Dark World. It appears that in the post-cinematic Marvel U there is a problem with alien tech falling into the wrong hands. As a whole, the team is kind of annoyed about this and Coulson jokes around about where Thor is when it comes to cleaning up. Meanwhile we travel to a national park in Norway where some hipster-looking hikers take a chainsaw to a very large tree and uncover a metal staff within it. A couple of park rangers hear the chainsaw and go to check it out. One of the hikers grabs the staff with their bare hands and absorbs a ton of power and rage and when confronted knocks one of the rangers across the park!

The team goes on sight to check out what happened. Simmons checks out the tree and is able to do a spectro-analysis of the interior and takes a 3-D picture to send back to Fitz. Coulson talks to the remaining park ranger who is very upset about the entire affair. In the meantime, our powerful hipsters have taken to the streets of Oslo, and have started a riot that is all over the news with a gripping image of WE ARE GODS burned into the ground.


Fitz pulls off a 3-D print of the staff and Coulson brings it to Elliot Randolph, a leading expert on Norse Mythology that he worked with in the past when Thor’s hammer fell to earth. Upon inspection, Randolph tells them that the staff appears to be an ancient Asgardian weapon called a Berserker Staff and will put anyone who touches it into a fit of rage. Apparently The Berserkers were an Asgardian army that traveled to Midgard a very long time ago. One of the soldiers simply fell in love with life and decided to stay on Earth. Legend has it that he broke his staff into three pieces and hid it across the globe so the dark magic of the couldn’t fall into anyones hands. He gives them some clues as to where the next piece might be and S.H.I.E.L.D. begins a search to uncover the artifacts!

While S.H.I.E.L.D. is unsuccessfully looking for the artifacts, Skye does some digging and thinks that a piece may be in Seville, Spain. The team goes to check it out and Ward and Skye search an old church for the piece. Fitz monitors the church and finds it near Ward and it’s moving, so he goes to seek it out. Ward finds Randolph with the staff and tries to take it from him but when he grabs it he sees flashes of a kid drowning in a well. Next we see Randolph trying to sneak away from the church but he bumps into the angry hipsters and they take the staff. Ward was knocked out and when Coulson realizes what happens he finds Randolph in a parking lot, to which he tells Coulson “I screwed up.”

Back on The Bus Ward is getting scanned by the team. He’s seething mad about what the staff made him see. Meanwhile, Coulson begins to interrogate Randolph and doesn’t really get anywhere, which everyone watches from a monitor and Ward’s adrenaline begins to spike and he becomes raging mad and goes off on everyone after they attempt to sedate him and then storms off. He beats the crap out of a punching bag and more and more thoughts of the well and his brother drowning flow threw his head. After he collects himself he goes to Coulson and tells him that he’s been compromised and that he doesn’t trust himself around the team. Phil tells him that he trusts him and sends him into the interrogation room to get rid of some of that rage. He asks Randolph what he knows and when he refuses to give up any info he pulls a knife on him but Randolph breaks the knife like it was a child’s toy. Coulson pops in and tells him that he had a feeling that he was an Asgardian.


Come to find out, not only is he an Asgardian, but he is the Berserker of legend. He was just a mason in Asgard and when he was recruited into the army he was happy to travel, but hated the weapon. So when he decided to stay on Earth he broke the staff into three and hid it across Europe. Coulson asks for his help to find the remaining piece, but he doesn’t want to play, so Coulson threatens to tell Thor about him and Randolph immediately tells them that the staff is in a monestary in Ireland. Ward asks him how long the effects will last, and he tells him that the strength wears off in a couple of days but the pain might take a few decades to wear off. When the team gets to the monastery, the rage-hipsters are already there. They stab him in the chest and say to him to kill a god you need to become one! Ward immediately grabs the staff, rages out and jumps at one of the rage-fueled hipsters over a small balcony.

As you can expect, a fight ensues and Ward makes short work of him and picks up another piece of the staff and the rage and the memories flow through him even more. At the same time, Fitz, Simmons, and Coulson attempt to save Randolph’s life. Asgardians heal a lot quicker than humans, so they do whatever they can. More raged out berserkers run in and Ward begins to kick their asses, while at the same time seeing more into Ward’s flashbacks. Come to find out the kid in the well was his younger brother and was calling for Ward to throw him a rope. he had one and wanted to, but an older (and crueler) boy (maybe Ward’s older brother?) told him that if he helped him he would throw him in the well too. No idea whether the kid in the well died or not, but it looked that way, and either way, Ward seems to still carry the guilt of that decision with him. Ward drops the staffs and the woman who originally had the staff at the forest comes in and begins to rage out herself, but May steps in, takes all the pieces of the staff and assembles it and then takes her out.


Ward is amazed and asks her how she held all three pieces of the staff and if she saw everything. She tells him that she could do it because she sees those memories every day. Hmmmmm…What happened in the Cavalry’s past that made her a desk jockey to begin with??? Coulson looks at the staff and wonders what it would be like to hold it to bring up his worst memory, specifically dying and coming back. He tells Randolph about it and how he doesn’t remember his recovery at all and that it haunts him. Randolph tells Coulson that he thinks that he may leave Earth, but Phil tells him he should check out Portland, and they joke about visiting with each other. Afterwards, Grant tells Skye about what he saw and apologizes to her about everything. She tries to get him to open up some more, but he take a raincheck. On his way back to his room he see May in the hallway going to hers and she has a bottle of booze to drink away the pain. The glance at each other and Ward follows.

We close on the show with what appears to be a flashback of Coulson in Tahiti having drinks and getting massaged. He says this is too good to be true and the masseuse agrees. We shoot to him clutching his pillow in a pool of sweat, is this an implanted memory, a nightmare, or maybe some sort of programming (because I still say he’s an LMD,) only time will tell.

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The action was there and having the flashbacks into Ward’s past begint o make the character more three dimensional. Bringing in Asgardians makes the universe bigger and really ties this show to the Movie Universe and makes me excited to see what they’re gonna do with the Cap movie since he’s such a big part of S.H.I.E.L.D… Until Next Time Nerds!

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