Brovember 21 – Woody and Buzz Lightyear


What better way to enjoy your childhood traveling together to infinity and beyond with your best friend? Some might argue that all toys’ best friends are their owner, but I think Woody and Buzz were destined to be united. Sure, they might have started out enemies like many bromances before the, but with time these two have developed a wonderful bromance.

 And I really do think that time, and subsequent movies, better and better exemplified these twos relationship. In the first movie Buzz was forced to realize that he was just a toy, one of thousands if not millions of manufactured Buzz Lightyears designed to entertain children. And while Buzz might have hated Woody for causing this epiphany, it ultimately helped him embrace his own individual personality traits, and first brought these two to terms with each other.

I wonder if Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are as bromantic as their counterparts?

I wonder if Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are as bromantic as their counterparts?

In the second movie we see a reverse of roles, and Buzz helps Woody come back to reality from his 15 minutes of fame. Woody has an opportunity to spend his life as a toy antique on a refurbished TV show, admired by many through the boob tube. Luckily for him, Buzz saw the dull, isolated, and unrewarding nature of this career, and was able to bring him to his senses so that he could continue bringing his owner Andy the joy of make-believe, while remaining the side kick of his best bud Buzz.

But it is the third installment of this series that I loved so much. I’m sure many people were worried Toy Story had had its fill, and the last film in the trilogy would be a burn out dud. Luckily it instead was a magnificent coming of age story, and brought tears to the eyes of many adults who saw it as they remembered their childhood.


Toy Story 3 dealt with Andy going away to college, and what to do with all his old toys? Through a mistake the toys are sent to a local daycare, and when Woody tries to convince the group to leave and venture back to Andy’s house, they try to convince him to stay behind and be enjoyed by a new generation of children.  Woody again sets out alone, but when he discovers that the little devils attending the daycare he left behind commit daily abuses and massacres to the toys, her turns tail to rescue Buzz and his companions. Together Buzz and Woody are quite the team, and the two are able to successfully rescue all their toy friends, getting back to Andy in the nick of time.

From there Andy faces the facts that he is not going to play with his toys anymore, and the whole crew get a new life with a young toddler down the street who is much more imaginative and caring to her toys. Woody and Buzz are able to continue their adventures together all over again, helping each other save the day in any scenario their new child owner can think up, like any good bromantic pair should.



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