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Hey there all you guys and gals in the geekdom! Now, I know I have been kind of slacking on the Brovember posts, but in all honesty, I’ve been goddamn busy. The streets of Gotham are not going to keep themselves safe, amiright? Anyways, in between catching up on everything I possibly can and making sure to keep churning out your regular doses of Arthur each week, the rest of the geeks have been dropping some cuddly knowledge on you on some of our favorite bromances/friendships, and now it is my turn. Scouring the depths of my brain and going back a few years, I picked these two guys out of the woodwork of one of my favorite shows, and decided to present them for your approval. Ladies and germs, I give to you Spike and Jet, from Cowboy Bebop.

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Spike and Jet have an understanding. They don’t get in each other’s way, and they understand that at some point, one or the other (most likely Spike) is going to have to do something that the other is not going to like. Foreshadowing! The best part is, you don’t really know about that until the back half of the series. Watching the show, you would think that they were both out of their minds for the sort of shenanigans they get involved in.Things such as taking mushrooms with no knowledge of it and getting into some pretty hysterical situations, to chasing the best freaking dog in the universe throughout a city filled with people looking to do the same thing. It gets pretty crazy, but just like true friends, they always have each other’s back. Its actually rather nice to see, since most of the time they are going to need to help each other, because Spike has a pretty dark and ridiculous past…Hello Vicious!

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Spike is the more hotheaded one to Jet’s calm, cool and collected personality, which works beautifully as you get every dynamic possible from both of these men. It’s almost like a Riggs and Murtaugh relationship, except Jet isn’t ready to retire, and Spike is a lot more badass than Riggs….sorry if that offends anyone, but Riggs’s didn’t know Jeet Kun Do, and Spike used it to perfectly beat hundreds of asses. So awesomely brutal. Not to take away from any of the other characters on the show, as they are all great, but Spike and Jet seem to have that spark that a lot of other characters do not, which is saying something because Cowboy Bebop is filled with some of the most in depth and fleshed out characters in all of anime.It’s amazing, because the show runs somewhere around 40 episodes, maximum, and it succeeds in doing something that a lot of other shows cannot do in 200+ episodes; build compelling characters and making them seem like real people rather than cartoons. That is something I have always said about this show….it never seems like you are watching a cartoon, because the creators didn’t treat it like one. You won’t find any special powers, or monstrous creatures (except one episode, and that was just hysterical,) but you will find people with broken psyches (Pierre LeFou, quite possibly one of the best episodes of any anime ever) people who are in debt and need help, and people who are just so cold and evil that you cannot help but be amazed by them (Vicious again!). you can tell that the writers would have killed to make this into a real show, but it just works so perfectly as an anime. They gave it the respect it asked for, and the show benefitted greatly from it.

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Spike and Jet are just simply amazing in terms of characterization. They behave the way you think they would in terms of their relationship, and over the course of the series, it takes a more human and loving approach. I use the terms loving more in the sense of them caring for each other, but not in the way you might be thinking. They care about each other as friends, and would do anything to keep the other one safe, which is hard for Jet once Spike makes up his mind. A foe/former friend from Spike’s past makes things very difficult, and in a series of moments that left my jaw dropped and brain exhausted, the series comes to an end in the most amazing, albeit sad ways. I won’t spoil anything, but the show has been out for quite some time now, so get cracking. Honestly, there are hundreds upon thousands of friendships throughout the entirety of the geekdom, but this one resonates with me at a different and more powerful frequency than most others. Spike and Jet, this one is for you guys. Hope this makes it to you.

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  1. I was informed that the total episode count is actually less than 40. I was trying to do this all from memory, and sadly I overshot it a bit. thanks to reddit user fluffymunchkin for the clarification 🙂

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