Brovember 19 – Fry and Bender

Here’s another pair of drinking buddies for you brooding bromance lovers out there: Philip J. Fry and Bender Rodriguez from Futurama are an ideal bromantic couple. They become instantaneous friends when Fry first re-awakens in the future and encounters Bender in a suicide booth. And throughout the show their friendship remains one of the strongest, certainly stronger than any romantic relationships developed in the series. And yet again we see that kicking back with a cold brew really helps solidify your rank in the bromance world.


Now sometimes you might wonder what their motives are, since both are very self-absorbed individuals, but even though Bender steals one of Fry’s kidneys when he sleeps and Fry is an insufferable roommate, these two come out on the other side of all their squabbles as a really strong bromance. And whenever one of the duo ends up in a periolous situation, the other is certain to come to the rescue.


On multiple occasions Fry risks life and limb to save Bender, including when Fry steals a space telescope to find Bender while he was lost in space, and both are responsible for saving each other on multiple occasions in the episode “Ghosts in the Machines”. Of course, their dedication to the other sometimes borders on lunacy, never giving up that they won’t be able to save the other from whatever jeopardy they may face.

One of my favorite episodes actually shows Bender as the jealous ex-lover, when Fry is reunited with his petrified canine companion from the past, and Bender spends the entire time feeling like the rejected old toy. Despite his anger and attempts to destroy the dog, Bender realizes his friendship to Fry means more than his ability to be top dog and saves the canine in a display of his loyalty to Fry.


But as I mentioned before, what these two do best is kick back on the coach with a cold beer, and gorge themselves with junk food while watching the latest trashy TV together. What more could anyone ask from a best friend?


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