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Happy Monday Evil Geeklings! Some people would say that after a season so far packed with grisly, flame broiled murder, a killer flu, a massive fence breach, and the constant threat of being overrun by zombies, the people at the prison have been through enough.  Well some people who don’t feel that way apparently are the writers of The Walking Dead and the current lingering big bad: The Governor.  Last week we found out that the Governor has been quietly hanging around the prison, most likely doing something way more sinister than just constantly walking past the front gate hoping somebody sees him and invites him in.  I’m pretty sure he’s got killing on his mind right now and I don’t mean in the “Murder For the Greater Good” type of way that Carol meant it.  No, he’s got some scores to settle and surely that can’t bode well for Rick and the others.


Arrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!  The dreaded “Sidebar Episode”!  In case I haven’t said this previously (and I’m pretty sure I have) nothing irks me more than when a serialized TV show decides to “change things up a bit” and do an episode focusing on a story aside from the main one.  It always seems to come at the worst time and they always seem to be the worst episodes of a series’ run.  Tonight The Walking Dead pulls the old switcheroo and gives us a story dealing with the whereabouts of the gubernatorial one.  People have been clamoring for more info on what the Governor’s been up to, but as pretty much every single episode of The Twilight Zone taught us; be careful what you wish for.  Things at the prison have been pretty tense and grim, so I suppose it’s not completely unnecessary to leave that story for a little bit, but from the looks of the preview for next week, it looks like we won’t be heading back to the prison just yet.  Come on, man!!!  While the immediate danger of the flu seems to have passed and the murder mystery has been solved, there are still some outstanding issues going on at the prison that I really want to know more about.  Now you’re telling me, it’ll be another two weeks before we finally hear Darryl’s reaction to Carol being kicked out of the prison.  Is that decision going to cause static between Darryl and Rick? I for one really want to know, but sounds like it’ll be a while before we find out.  Same with Tyreese; how is he going to react when he finds out the person responsible for killing David and Karen has been allowed to live?  Man I really hate the aside episode!!!

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-6-Video-Preview-and-Sneak-Peek-Live-BaitSo what has the Gov been up to since we last saw him?  Well, if you take a look at former Governors, you’ll see that each one reacts differently to know longer being in power.  Schwarzenegger decided to go back into movies. Jesse Ventura retreated to Mexico.  Our Governor seems to be taking his fall from grace a little harshly.  Surprisingly, it seems like he’s not upset because he is no longer a powerful person, but instead he seems really morose over the fact that he realizes the failed as a leader.  Immediately after murdering his people and taking off with Martinez and another one of his henchmen, the Governor falls back to regroup and seemingly plot his next move.  In a turn of events that almost makes you feel badly for a homicidal maniac, Martinez and the other guy ditch the Governor in the middle of the night, leaving him to wander the Earth alone, like Caine in Kung Fu.  In essence, he himself has become a walking dead man. He seems remorseful over the way Woodbury turned out and even returns to his former city to burn it to the ground.  He knows he’s failed as a leader and a protector and that harsh realization has left him in an almost catatonic state.  As he is staring at a picture of his now departed family, he begins to fold the corner of the picture over himself.  He’s done some horrible things and as a result of that he hates himself.  Alone and defeated, The Governor begins roaming and wandering until one day, just as he’s collapsing from exhaustion, he encounters a family consisting of two adult women, their terminally ill father, and one of the women’s young daughter. Initially he’s timid are silent around them, but eventually he warms to them and ends up staying with them to help out.  Helping the family is his shot at redemption.  If he can be a leader and protector to them, then maybe he isn’t a complete waste of a human being.  It probably helps that the little girl, Megan, seems pretty close in age to his dead daughter Penny.  Again, if he can protect Megan, then he can finally forgive himself for losing Penny.  There are some ups and downs along the way, but eventually the family accepts him as one of their own and he even becomes intimate with Megan’s mother.  It looked like things might be turning around for the Ol’ Gov’nah, until that is he decides to take the family and look for another safe haven; one with more people around.  That plan doesn’t end up so well, as one misfortune after another befall them and eventually they wind up captured in a zombie trap set by none other than Martinez. D’oh! Once again, the Governors best intentions end up not being enough to protect his people.

PHruhXXppikrvr_1_m I was not a fan of this episode.  On the one hand it’s vital information that we need to know.  How exactly did the Governor end up outside the prison, staring menacingly at it.  But DAMN I really wish they didn’t have to leave the prison story out of this.  I need to know what’s going on with the main characters and breaking away from them just seems like wasting our time.  Heck, if this were an aside story featuring Carol, I might have enjoyed it more.  At least what’s going on with her is more prescient to the story.  Although, given that the Governor is once again viewed as a protector and seems to be growing as a human being, the question of whether or not he’s grown enough to be able to forgive Rick and Michonne for what they did to him remains.  I personally don’t think he’s grown that much, but who knows.  Maybe he wasn’t the one attracting walkers to the prison? Maybe he was there scoping it out in hopes that his new family could be let in to live there?  I guess we’ll just need to wait and see.  Make sure you stop back next week for another, brand spanking new Zombie Round-Up!


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