Brovember 17 – C3P0 and R2D2

Did you know that these two droids are 2 of only 4 characters that make appearances in all 6 current Star Wars films? I don’t know what Disney and J.J. Abrams has in store for us in the future films, but I will be hoping this bickering bromance makes the cut. (If not I might have to make a guest appearance on our favorite What They Should Have Done column).  Another interesting fact: both characters are the only two that are played by the same actor in all 6 films. Who knew?! (I actually didn’t know R2D2 needed an actor, but I guess there was one under that suit guiding him around).


This bromance starts off right away in the original New Hope film, when C3P0 and R2D2 travel together to Tatooine so that R2 can deliver an important message to Obi-Wan.  And while the pair’s squabbling rivals that of a couple married for 50 years, we start to see that they really do need each other. With all the beep-boop-beeps from R2D2, most of us would be in the dark as to what he was saying if it wasn’t for 3P0’s ability to interpret the robot language for us. And when push comes to shove R2 knows to stick up for his buddy 3P0 when needed.


Since so much of the Star Wars franchise focuses on Luke, Leia, and Vader, it’s nice to see this pair of misfit droids playing such an important role throughout the entire series. They find themselves unwittingly in the middle of almost every pivotal moment in the galaxy’s history. This might be because R2D2 seems to have some sort of twisted, adrenalin-junkie droid circuits making him seek out being on the frontline of battles, but lucky for him his side-kick C3P0 has more the common sense and is able to help them avoid undefeatable odds (that of course C3P0 has to announce to everyone before they beat those odds).

et c3po and r2

The two ultimately really have a strong love-hate relationship, and while having someone to poke fun at as your sidekick all the time serves them well, when either of them is in mortal danger they will strive their hardest to save each other. C3P0’s affection goes so far that he offers any of his spare parts to R2 to make sure that he is properly repaired after he is injured in New Hope. So despite their constant insults these two really do care for each other, making them one of the strongest duos in the whole series.


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