Brovember 15 – Marty McFly and Doc Brown

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If my calculations are correct, you will receive this post immediately after you saw the post about C-3PO and R2-D2. First, let me assure you that I am alive and well. I’ve been living happily these past two days on November 17th. 


Seriously though, this post seems to have somehow not published on the 15th as intended, but due to it’s subject matter it makes a fun coincidence. Enjoy a double dose today.

Also? I know what you’re thinking; Biff Tannen ought to be the one writing this article…

Well, listen. He’s off representing the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks at the International Villains Summit in beautiful Tokyo, Japan and is a bit too busy to sit at a desk clanking away at a keyboard about the nuances of a fictional friendship. I, on the other hand, have all the time in the world to examine the glory that is…

Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Marty and Doc Clock Tower 1885

I’m not going to waste time explaining the typical dynamic of a High School Student/Mad Scientist friendship to you, I’m sure you’re all quite familiar with the…. oh, you’re not?  Fair enough, then… let’s have a look.

Marty Jennifer Strickland

You see, Marty McFly was a fairly average teenager; He was an aspiring rock and roll guitarist, he had to seize rare opportunities for quality time alone with his girlfriend, he fucking loved Pepsi Free (don’t we all?). But one little quirk of his was the strange relationship he shared with Dr. Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown. The movies never delve into the history of their friendship, but right in the opening scene of the first movie, we can tell they’re in pretty tight. Marty knows right where the Doc keeps his spare key, and lets himself into Doc’s house/lab on the way to school.  The trained eye will also notice that Emmett Brown is a bankrupt inventor who, like every movie scientist, has a breakfast machine. Even the least trained eye in the world will notice that this dude FUCKING LOVES CLOCKS.  After Marty pulls some typical teenager shit and destroys his close friend’s valuable speaker system, he’s off to school where he is very conveniently warned about the dangers of hanging out with old slackers (and the risks involved in slacking).

Doc SurprisedAnd while Strickland’s warnings are very practical in real life, Marty would soon discover that this particular crackpot had invented a functional time machine, one which would send them on some of the most compelling adventures in cinematic history. I mean, how much time elapsed over the course of those three movies… two, three weeks? In that short span Marty got to:

1. Aggressively avoid the advances of his teenage mother.

2. Selfishly create and inhabit an alternate timeline in which his family was stable and successful.

3. Accidentally create and intentionally destroy a SECOND alternate timeline in which they were  less stable/successful/alive.

4. Invent Rock and Roll in an insane paradox.

5. Travel to the old west and see that his great-great-grandmother (on his father’s side) bore a striking resemblance to his mom.

If anyone else achieved any TWO of these feats throughout the course of their entire life, they’d be entitled to at least four movies!  But Marty didn’t do it alone, it was all either thanks to, or in response to, the actions of his weird old buddy Emmett. And for every time Marty saved the Doc’s skin, the Doc paid him back by MacGyvering together a solution to the ever-problematic DeLorean.

Marty and Doc AnimatedAnd while things ended well for both Doc and Marty, they seem to have gone their separate ways. There have been a few attempts at followups to these fantastic movies, namely the Saturday morning cartoon and the recent Telltale video game series. As far as live action, full-on installments go we’re almost undoubtedly done with Back to the Future. And that is for the best. Our culture today is so eager to pitch revivals and remakes but so unwilling to enjoy them, so it couldn’t end well.

Marty and Doc

We’ll always have 1985.

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