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Guys, the time has finally arrived. Normally, this is where I would shower you all with affection and thank you for stopping by to check out your favorite villainous escapades, which you can catch almost every Friday on this site conveniently placed on the internet for easy viewing, but we have important business to attend to. Next week, finally marks the premier of the long awaited and highly anticipated 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!! I’m not sure if you guys understand how important this is. How many shows do you know of that have gone on for this long? Seriously, not that many. It’s a wonder in its own right that any show could last that long in general, let alone still be so popular and essentially have a huge resurgence over the past near 10 years. It’s insane to say the least. Speaking of insane though, like previously mentioned, we have some business to attend to, and that is villain business. When you think of Doctor Who, most of the time you think Daleks, Cybermen, Racnoss, Silurians, Sontarans, and the myriad of other races and species he has come into contact with over the years, but in my opinion, the one that is the most dangerous, is the one who hits close to home. Timelords and Timeladies, I proudly present to you this week’s Villain Spotlight…..The Master!

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The Master is one of the most important characters to the entire Doctor Who franchise. Now before anyone goes out and starts bashing me for that comment, please let me explain. The whole concept of the Doctor and the Timelords is that even though the Timelords hold dominion over most of time and space, due to their mastery over it, they never interfere in the affairs of most things unless it is either absolutely necessary, or if it is affecting them personally. The thing is, you cannot be objective like that if you have that sort of power. The Doctor, who in his moment of hysteria and disillusionment, decides to steal a TARDIS and go traversing the universe for fun and to be free, chooses the side of the rebel and decides to help out whoever he can and whenever he can. The Master on the other hand, is the opposite side of that coin. Without the Master, the Doctor wouldn’t be as compelling of a character, mainly because of that duality. The Doctor goes out and helps, and it makes it that much more important when you know that when the Master is around, you are going to need the Doctor, as the Master is literally there to ruin everything and if possible, take over. Now that is scary. Not in a horror sense, but the fact that once you think about it, it’s almost like a Batman/Joker relationship. They are both amazing on their own, but it takes them being together and interacting to fully appreciate what is happening and what they truly are.

Timelord children, when they reach a certain age, are exposed to all of time and space….all at once…..which is completely insane. I understand Timelords are masters of time and space, but exposing, say a 7 year old, to an infinity of time and space is going to have some kind of effect on them, hence the Doctor running away and the Master completely losing his mind. It shows that even though the Timelords are generally uninvolved in most of the universal issues, but when it comes to their own, they are willing to do some pretty messed up stuff. Now granted, this process is meant to make sure that the Timelord who is exposed to the rift, is able to handle it and is a sort of coming of age tradition, but whatever happened to like just a party or service celebrating it? I’ve been to some Bar Mitzvahs , and I have yet to see anyone exposed to all of time and space at said celebration of adulthood. It’s quite a lot to handle at such a young age. It lends credence to why the master is so bitter and why the Doctor is constantly moving and going places. When you have infinity at your hands, what would you do?

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The Master has appeared over the years in primarily an antagonistic role, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t stepped up in let his former people have it on the side of the Doctor, albeit in a more crazy and ridiculous way. The Master has been played by many great actors including most recently John Simm, who is just so freaking awesome that it was hard to see him lose. Other actors to portray the renegade Timelord have been Roger Delgado who brought him to us for the first time, Peter Pratt and Geoffrey Beevers in his decaying and decrepit state, Anthony Ainley for quite a while, and even Eric Roberts in the TV movie, and if you guys have read my Evil Geeks origin story, you will know that Eric Roberts holds a special place in our hearts. Each one has played the Master in his own way, as the Master has had different appearances and personalities as he is a Timelord and can regenerate much like the Doctor, and each one has brought something awesome to the character. Like I mentioned earlier, I loved John Simm’s portrayal as the charismatic and devilishly handsome Master, which is contrast to most of the other ones as they were more malevolent and sinister. John Simm played him as definitely sinister, but with a face that you could get behind and actually support. He takes over and become Prime Minister, as he is just that kind of charming, but once his victory is almost sealed completely, his crazy side comes out and he begins killing everyone he possibly can, even murdering a future race of people through experimentation and lies. It was heartbreaking to say the least. These people have been searching for a way to escape a dying earth, and he exploits that so hard that it’s shrouded in complete and utter lunacy. I was horrified, yet my inner necromancer screamed in glee when I realized that he used dead/dying people to fuel his Toclafein army, and I believe I spelled that right.

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The Master, when you think about it, could potentially be one of the most important characters in the entire Doctor Who universe. Like previously stated, the Doctor is a one of a kind and amazing character that is simply legendary in his own right, but his adventures and dealing with helping people would be less impactful if we didn’t know that horrible people like the Master, Daleks, Cybermen and every other baddie under the known starry sky are running around and causing trouble. The Master lends us his ability to play the other side of the coin, and it just makes watching the Doctor fix and heal all of these problems so much more impactful and wonderful. If the Doctor didn’t have a foil, then he would probably get a bit crazy himself. Seeing and understanding what happened to the Master, (oh and when you find out why he is officially crazy, you’ll understand why he does what he does,) helps the Doctor keep himself in line and not go down the path of brutality. Even though the Master has caused so many problems and almost killed the Doctor so many times, the Doctor still refuses to let the Master die, and has saved him when he can. It shows that even though we may all be different in our mindsets, at the end of the day , we are all Timelords and brethren who need to help each other when we can, even if it means saving the life of your most hated and troublesome enemy. That is what makes the Doctor such a powerful character, and why the Master is so important to this universe.

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We here at the Evil Geeks, are unbelievably pumped and excited for the upcoming 50th anniversary and we know you all are as well. On the night of its premier, you can bet money that we will be sitting in front of our screens, with sonics in hand and waiting patiently to see my boy David Tennant and the amazing Matt Smith share the spotlight with the fantastic John Hurt. I honestly cannot wait, and when the day finally arrives, my phone will be off, my popcorn will be hot and popped, and my brain will be prepared for the sheer greatness that is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Allons-Y!!!!!!


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