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Hey Whovians!

Doctor Who
We’re all waiting patiently for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special titled The Day of the Doctor, right?
Well, I for one cannot wait given the fact that I made my way through seven seasons of Doctor Who in about 4 months, so I am pleased to announce that the BBC dropped this who-bomb on us today to wet all of the Whovians whistles while we wait to see Smith and Tennant on the same screen in just one week!

This mini-episode simply titled The Night of the Doctor leads right up to the 50th anniversary special. All I’m gonna say is OH MAN!!!!
Go ahead, have a look for yourself…

Later Geeks!

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  1. Man, that really makes me wish we had more time with the 8th Doctor.

  2. not to sound like a total weirdo…..but im like semi hard right now. I cant wait

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