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Agents-of-S.H.I.E.L.D.-Ward-and-Fitz-590x393Greetings Evil Geek Agents! Before we proceed any further, because this article is highly classified I’ve got to check your clearance level.  You’re all Level 8’s right?  That’s what I thought. Let’s get recapping then, shall we?


Secrets and deception! Those seem to be the main theme’s for this week’s episode as Coulson’s team pays a visit to a SHIELD installation known as The Hub.  The team, or more specifically: Fitz and Ward, are presented with a super top-secret mission that requires a level of clearance so high, half the team isn’t allowed to know what’s going on.  It would seem some not so nice fellas have gotten their hands on a weapon that causes all other weapons to misfire when it is used.  In theory, a weapon like this would be able to detonate a nuclear warhead without needing an access code.  Ward is chose for the obvious reason: he’s clearly the big, strong, tough, seasoned agent.  Fitz on the other hand is a lab geek, who’d couldn’t take care of himself even if he had possession of the crimson gem of Cyttorak, but he has the technical know-how to dismantle the weapon before it can be turned against SHIELD.  You’d think that because of Fitz’s un-imposing stature and lack of field agent status, that Ward would basically be dragging Fitz through the entire mission and then all the way back home.  As would shape up to be a recurring theme of the episode; looks can be deceiving.  Fitz comes into his own as an agent and actually ends up bailing Ward out of a few precarious situations. Fitz may look like a scrawny nerd, but he’s going to make one hell of an agent.  Plus, it seems after surviving her ordeal during the last episode, Simmons is completely gaga over Fitz now; even going so far as to make him his favorite sandwich to take along on the mission (prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella and a hint of pesto aioli, which sounds freaking delicious!). Nice going Fitz!

agents-0f-shield-the-hubRemember last paragraph when I said that the mission Fitz and Ward were on was so top-secret that half the team didn’t know what was going on? Yeah, well that was a bunch of bullshit.  Actually, NOBODY on the team knew what was going on, including Coulson.  The mission was being run by SHIELD agent Victoria Hand, who we’ve seen before in the Marvel U during Norman Osborn’s time as the head of SHIELD (promptly renamed H.A.M.M.E.R.).  In that reality she was a lowly SHIELD accountant who got a serious promotion to the #2 position in the agency when Norman Osborn kicked out everyone who was loyal to Nick Fury. In the cinematic U, she seems to be a SHIELD bigwig who just so happens to be hiding a few secrets of her own.  Hand isn’t the only nod to the funny books in this episode as Simmons mentions the Triskelion and agent Jasper Sitwell also makes an appearance this episode as well.  Coulson finds out that Hand lied to him concerning the details of the mission, neglecting to mention that Fitz and Ward wouldn’t have a set extraction team.  So basically once they disabled the super weapon, they’d be completely on their own, with airstrike bearing down on them.  For most of the episode, Coulson defends SHIELD’s policy of clandestine dealings and covert operations, saying that those methods were necessary to protect the greater good.  It’s amazing how quickly Coulson changes his tune once he realizes that he’s not in on all the juiciest secrets like he thought he was.  It was a bit of a crappy day for Coulson all around, as at the end of the episode he gets shut down with the mantra he’d used on Skye earlier “You don’t have clearance to view the file”.  This episode was full of red herrings, all pointing towards Coulson being an LMD of some sort.  Skye even says outright at one point “He’s acting like a robot version of himself.” Are all these clues definitive evidence that Coulson is an LMD or are they just distractions to keep us from figuring out what he really is.  With so many people seemingly in on the conspiracy, I’m hoping that’s a signal that Coulson is more than just an LMD. I’m still holding out hope that it will be revealed that he’s actually The Vision.  Either way, there’s no way that Coulson’s didn’t completely recover in Tahiti, no matter how magical it is.

MING-NA WEN, BRETT DALTONWhat other secrets may or may not be simmering just below the surface you ask? Well, how about the info that Coulson was able to dig up on the memo that Skye’s been searching for in hopes of finding out info on her parents.  Coulson manages to find the document, but much to her dismay, it doesn’t contain any information relevant to Skye… or does it?  It’s clearly evidenced by his conversation with Melinda, that Coulson was really tell Skye the truth, so much as he was tell her the “Truth”.  Coulson tells Skye that she was dropped off at an orphanage by a SHIELD agent, but it didn’t say if that agent was her mother or not.  Both Coulson and Melinda are going over some files related to the one on Skye and they clearly know more about the situation than they are letting on. Even more specifically, I think Melinda knows something that she isn’t telling Coulson.  I have a theory on this:  I think that Melinda might actually be Skye’s mother and she’s pretending to not know anything about it.  Melinda is definitely older than Skye, enough so that I think it’s plausible that she could be Skye’s mother and I also think it’s possible that Skye could be half Asian.  When Coulson asks Melinda if she’ll help him look further into the case, she gives him a strange look. A look that could possibly indicate that the “real” Phil Coulson knew something about the case, that robot Coulson might not know?  Maybe I’m wrong about Melinda being her mother and perhaps it’s Coulson who’s her father?  There’s more to this mystery, but of course we’ll have to wait until a future episode to find out the truth!

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