Brovember 14 – Damon and Alaric

You would think that with the two main characters, Stefan and Damon, being brothers they would be the center of my Vampire Diaries bromance tribute, but for those of you who watch this delicious show you probably know that the real friendship exists between two unwitting individuals: Damon Salvator and Alaric Saltzman.


I think what makes this bromance work so well is the fact that it was not expected, and blossoms in to one of the most meaningful friendships Damon experiences in a century. Like a pair of unlikely bedfellows, these two are initially shocked at their developing relationship, since they started out as bitter enemies. You see, Alaric’s wife was researching paranormal occurrences in Virginia, and was becoming obsessed with vampires. One night when he got home Alaric witnessed Damon sucking his wife dry. He spent the next several years researching vampires so that he could track down his wife’s murderer and kill him. Once he found Damon he realized he was a little overnight, and let’s be honest, Damon can be a dick and like many cats like to play with his food, so he enjoyed spending some time torturing Rick with the fact that he killed his wife.

The Five

However, we do eventually find out that Damon killed Alaric’s wife Isobel in order to change her in to a vampire as she requested, and Damon slowly starts to get over his “kill everything that pisses me off” phase (only after killing Alaric a couple times). And as more and more peril presents itself to our main characters, Alaric and Damon realize they are quite a good team.


The other thing that keeps this improbable friendship so tight is probably whiskey. And bourbon. And any other hard liquor available to them at the time. We’ve commented before on the power of getting drunk together, and it certainly is something these two take seriously. Alaric is the perfect wingman for Damon, and the two can get almost anything accomplished together while at the bar. They are also quite effective at plotting and killing foes together, especially when everyone thinks Alaric is still trying to get revenge on Damon when in fact the two are best buds.

Anyone want round two?

Anyone want another round?

And despite Damon’s quest to remain isolated and self-sufficient, he lets Alaric in. Alaric tries to help Damon better understand his emotions and inner struggles about his relationship with Elena, while Damon acknowledges that Alaric has become one of his only true friends, a great bromance centered around trust, alcohol, and staking vampires.

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