Brovember Day 13 – Captain America & Iron Man

civil_war_captain_america_and_iron_man_wallpaper-800x600Evil Geeks, it brings me great sadness to say that sometimes a wedge gets driven between even the closest of bros.  Sometimes a dude will just up and do something very un-brolike and a friendship time out must be taken. Today’s Brovember spotlight shines on a friendship between two men who famously weren’t friends for a period of time. Their friendship forms the bounds of one of the mightiest forces in the galaxy, but it was also responsible for a battle of friends versus friends that didn’t go well for anyone (especially Goliath).  Today we’re taking a look at the friendship between Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, and Tony Stark, the invincible Iron Man!

images  Many strong bromances kick off with one guy saving another guys life; as is the case with Tony and Steve.  Captain America had his Hitler socking days cut short and was promptly sent to the frozen food section of the North Atlantic, where he spent decades until Tony and the rest of the Avengers were presented with a Cap-sickle by Namor.  After thawing out his new compatriot, Iron Man and Cap became fast friends.  They compliment each other well, with Steve being the embodiment of the toughness and determination that made the US a superpower and Tony representing the ideals of what the future can hold.  It can reasonably be argued that the entire idea of the Avengers was solidified in and has been carried on by the friendship between the two heroes. Without them, billions of lives would have been lost over the years and the world probably would have been conquered 10 times over if it wasn’t for their strong bond.

Ironman_vs_Captain_America …And then came the superhero Civil War.  After Nitro blew up Stamford, Connecticut and the New Warriors took the blame, the Superhero Registration Act was quickly brought about, which would have required all superheros to register their identities with the government if they wanted to not be hunted down like animals.  The issue was a divisive one and lines were quickly drawn with Cap leading the anti-registration forces and Iron Man being the poster boy for the pro-registration side.  Things got ugly, to say the very least.  Friends turned on each other.  Husbands could no longer trust their wives. Eventually, tensions boiled over and things got physical, with the ugliest point probably being when pro-reg Reed Richards’ cybernetic Thor clone got a little carried away and left a gigantic lightning bolt shaped hole right where the center of Goliath’s chest used to be.  Eventually Cap would turn himself over to the authorites in the name of preventing anymore casualties, and the forces of pro-registration temporarily won the day. Sadly, the whole affair would be punctuated with Cap’s assassination at the hands of Agent Sharon Carter.

avengers-iron-man-captain-america Time and death will heal all wounds though, as we fast forward to today, where Steve is very much alive again and the two men are once again friends.  They’ve reformed the Avengers and turned it into a fluid force that can respond to threats far and wide.  Simply put, if these two guys had never been friends, then we’d all probably be dead right now… or at the very least, we’d all be speaking Skrull instead of English.  They’re super powered buddies who’ve had their differences, but because they’re always able to work things out, we’re all the better for it.

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