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Greetings Evil Geekites and welcome back to Zombie Round-Up your weekly Monday morning breakdown of each new episode of The Walking Dead.  Last week’s episode saw some friendships tested (Bob and Darryl) and others outright ended (Carol and Rick). The big story bomb of the hour though was Rick banishing Carol from the prison after she confesses to the murder of Karen and David, who’d been infected with the killer flu that is still currently cutting its way through the remaining survivors.  Rick makes the decision completely on his own without first consulting anyone else, so I’m willing the be that some people might not be too cool with that.  Is the Ricktatorship back in full effect? Or has everyone had enough of Rick?  Another person to keep an eye on in the midst of this flu madness is Hershel.  He’s been in close contact with the infected and with the prison’s only resident doctor currently on Expedia booking a one way ticket to the afterlife, that means Hershel will be the closest thing to a medical professional left alive.  The elderly have a good track record of dealing with the flu, right? Hopefully Hershel’s one tough ass old dude.

Yet another poor, unfortunate soul succumbs to Hershel’s “Drink a Bag of Whiskey” challenge.

Sure enough, by the end of the episode even the king bad ass himself, Darryl Dixon, admits that Hershel indeed is one tough son of a bitch.  The main focus of this episode is Hershel’s one man losing war against the killer flu.  His resources and hope for a positive resolution are ever dwindling, but still he’s trudging on, fighting to help others survive.  He’s undoubtedly fighting a losing war and he knows it, but in the face of all that he continues on in an effort to gain a much-needed moral victory not only for himself, but for the patients in his care as well.  Hershel knows the importance of maintaining ones will to live  and fighting spirit even as defeat seems certain, so he’s trying to set an example by continuing his efforts.  He won’t kill, or actually RE-kill, any of the people who’ve died of the flu in front of the others, he maintains a positive attitude and even tries to inject a little humor into the situation, all in an effort to keep morale up.  In the end, even though he tried to stay on top of it, Hershel loses control of the situation and everyone’s worst nightmare comes true.  One of the infected dies and turns, then another, then they begin biting, eventually creating more walkers.  Again, while staring certain death in the face, Hershel manages to stay on task all while taking little extra steps to ensure the survivors don’t completely give up hope.  (Sidebar: how freaking kick ass was it when Hershel snaps zombie Caleb’s arms in the prison bars like Rorschach during the prison riot in Watchmen?) He is the hero that the prison needs and deserves right now.  By trying to do things that will stand as examples of the power of maintaining positivity, he himself becomes a living example of that idea.  There may have been a lot of deaths inside the quarantined area, but without Hershel on duty, it would have been a total loss, most likely with no survivors.

isolation1Outside by the fence, things are going as well as they are inside the prison.  Rick, back from kicking Carol out of the group, is helping Maggie shore up the prison fences, where there is now a massive and ever-growing herd of walkers constantly trying to beat their way in.  Rick tells Maggie about Carol and while she is certainly upset by the news, she agrees that Rick made the right move.  Rick is trying to keep the news on the down low, preferring to tell the key people one at a time.  Rick and Maggie are working on the fence when the fracas inside breaks out, so Rick sends Maggie to investigate, knowing that she’d be concerned about Hershel and Glen.  Needing an additional pair of hands for the fence job, Rick calls on Carl to help him out.  Carl is looking to take on more responsibilities to help out around the prison and is tired of being shielded by Rick from the traumatic reality they now live in.  While the two may have done a great job mending emotional fences between them, they unfortunately do a piss poor job of actually mending the prison fence, which eventually gives way under the weight of the amassed horde.  Rick and Carl fall back to just inside the second fences and prepare for the worst.  They break out the automatic weapons and the father/son duo become the prison’s last line of defense.  If they fail, then everyone in the prison dies.  During the ensuing gunfight, Rick finally manages to see Carl as something other than a child, perhaps for the first time.  He sees that his son’s grown up in this harsh world, but is now becoming a responsible full-grown man capable of fending for himself and others as well.  Carl lives up to the challenge and with his dad manages to hold off the approaching herd.  Darryl and the others return with medical supplies just in time to presumably save Glen and Sasha, possibly the last two infected people still alive.


Unfortunately we aren’t yet treated to the conversation between Rick and Darryl concerning the whereabouts of Carol, but it seems to be on tap for next week. Rick is slowly rolling out the news to everyone and he’s clearly concerned about not only Darryl’s reaction, but Tyreese’s as well.  Not having those issues immediately resolved isn’t a massive disappointment, as we’re given a juicier tidbit in the reveal of the mysterious person who’s been luring all those walkers to the fences in the first place.  I will say one thing for Season 4 of the show, there’s been no lack of big endings and this week is certainly no exception.  In the closing moments of the episode we see standing watch over the prison just outside the walls, the infamous man, the menacing myth, the horrifying legend: The Governor! Seems that he’s been spending his nights feeding rats to the walkers to keep them interested in the prison and now that the fortress’ defenses have been weakened, he could be ready to seek out vengeance against those who unseated him.  Looks like we’re waiting for next week though to find out more about that.  Be sure to stop by here next Monday for another Zombie Round-Up for all the gory details!

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