Two New Trailers for The Day of the Doctor are Here!!!

What’s up Nerds!

Doctor Who
With ony a couple of weeks until the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the BBC has released two new trailers for the much anticipated anniversary special.

The Day of the Doctor stars Matt Smith and David Tennant as The Doctor. Along with them are their companions Clara and Rose played by Jenna Coleman and Billie Piper and also includes John Hurt as another version of The Doctor that the 11th seems very afraid of.

Check out the trailers now!

The Day of the Doctor will be released all over the world on The BBC on Saturday, November 23rd and will be in theaters for one night only around the world on November 25th! This special marks the first time that Smith and Tennant have shared the screen together since Tennants final episode in 2010. Whovians around the world are waiting on the edge of their seat for this event and I know that I for one cannot wait!

Later Geeks!

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