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Hey they geeks, are you getting sick of Lilith this weekend? Ha! Like that is even possible. I have been thinking up lots of posts this week for you all and I am sure you are all now slaves to my ponderings. But I did realize I am a bit behind on my TV From The Crypts column. Yes, I still have a couple wonders to bring to you in the coming months that I have not written about yet, but some of them need to be re-watched before I can really do it justice. I can also report I just got a package with a plethora of retired TV shows to dig in to over the coming months, but this weekend I bring you one that might seem a bit out of character. I am sure you all know that I bask in everything science fiction or fantasy related, so today I bring you more of a documentary series: The Jeff Corwin Experience.

You all know I am an avid creature lover, so watching animals from the real world is quite enjoyable for me. Sadly today’s TV Animal Planet TV show is really not worth watching at all. The reality TV show industry has gotten it’s filthy claws in to too many aspects of entertainment, and rather than classical hour long animal documentaries we have to watch naked people try to survive in the bush. I know people are technically animals, but COME ON, who the fu*k watches this shit?!

Seriously?! Discovery channel banked on this over a classic animal documentary?!

Seriously?! Discovery channel banked on this over a classic animal documentary?!

I am personally a fan of the more traditional Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or Planet Earth. And I will always respect Steve Irwin, it was a sad day when that crazy Aussie left this world too soon. In particular I also love that my favorite zombie novel series references him in the future quite a bit.


But I also enjoy Jeff Corwin as a naturalist quite a bit. I know that he is on a more recent weekend show more geared towards kids, but his original series, The Jeff Corwin Experience, is one that I own on DVD and will take out from time to time to enjoy some lighter moments and a good, clean laugh.


Another reason to check out Corwin’s retired series: he is as avid a Star Wars fan as I. In fact, peppered through his show are some hilariously timed quotes from the epic movie series that never fail to get me rolling on the floor. There was the time he pretended the camel he was riding was a tauntaun, references to the Dagobah system and Yoda when in a murky vine swamp, and the predictable yet enjoyable imitation of Jabba the Hutt while observing a herd of walruses.

Corwin also loves suspense. I know I have a great respect for Steve Irwin, but sometimes I felt he did not always respect the animal cause he wanted that oh too close shot with a lunging rattlesnake for the ratings. Corwin’s approach is much more tactful. On numerous occasions when he is waste deep in some sort of problem trying to find a creature to display he mimics (very believably) being attacked and dragged down some hole or into some swamp. How he could do this so perfectly every time never ceases to amaze me (and make me laugh).


It might not be what you expected from me this weekend, but if you are looking for a TV show to enjoy some real creatures with a taste of sci-fi references, Jeff Corwin is the way to go.

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