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This weeks episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the team in a precarious position to race the clock and save one of their own, while at the same time diving further into what is known as the Marvel Cinematic U and also investigates the man known as Phil Coulson even more…so on with the review…

The shows opening finds a group of Boy Scouts with a couple of coconut leaders. One of them is telling the boys a scary story while the other one (known as Mr. Cross) is just hanging around the fire. He begins to hear a noise and goes to check it out. The next thing we see is a metal camping cup floating in the air and then hear Mr. Cross screaming. The bus and other leader run and jump into a truck and lights fill the sky. The truck rattles and the battery flies out from below the hood straight into the air. When everything settles down they go to look for Mr. Cross. He’s floating flat on his back in mid air and is dead! (Very Fringe-like opening…just not as dark.)

On the Bus Coulson is running some tests on himself. Simmons tells him that he’s fit as a fiddle especially for a man of his age…or possibly for an LMD??? Ward is checking out a Night Night pistol and gives Fitz shit about it being an ounce too heavy. All in all the team is doing well. Skye is in the doghouse bc she tried to help out her ex in the last episode, but she’s still on the team. At one point Fitz totally tries to mack it to her but she doesn’t even see him as a guy for her, but in her defense thinks thats because him and Simmons are pretty much attached at the hip. Simmon comes in and grabs the Night Night pistol and gives it to Ward and tells him they re-calibrated. He says it’s ok and then she does an awful impression of him. Coulson comes in and tells them that there is a case that they’ve got to get to.


The team travels to Wrigley, PA to find the body of Mr. Cross. Netier Fitz or Simmons really know what happened to him. Simmons notices a wound on his head and when she gets close to him she gets zapped with some static electricity and he drops to the ground. Skye looks for some info on Cross, but really couldn’t find anything other than that he was a good guy. Volunteered, worked with scouts, was a fireman…etc. Coulson tells her to dig deeper. Fitz and Simmons are taking a look at Cross and Fitz it not happy to have him in his lab. Simmons shows Coulson his brain and it looks like it’s been fried by something that is three times as powerful as a bolt of lightning. Fitz tracks another Electrical charge close to Wrigley so Coulson, May and Ward go to investigte. They find a guy in his barn in the same state as Cross: Dead and floating, with the same wound on his head. The second guy was a firefighter with the first one. They’re house sent an engine to teh Big Apple after the Battle of New York. Are these firefighter being hunted? The camera pans to another man with a Chitauri helmet that the aliens wore in the Avengers movie with electrical static coming off of it.

The firehouse sent a dozen men to NY so Coulson and his team visit the station to see what they can find. Meanwhile Simmons realizes that the wounds are not entry wounds, but rather exit wounds… interesting? At the station the team meets a man named Tony Diaz who doesn’t look very good and isn’t taking the news of his friends deaths well at all. Coulson goes to talk to him and he starts to hear a humming noise and all the sudden metal objects around him begin to float. He asks Coulson if he’s in some trouble and Phil asks him what happened. Apparently Diaz and the other two guys were cleaning the helmet a couple of days prior to the deaths, so Coulson has May find it. Coulson clears the building but stays with Diaz and tries to make him comfortable, offering to call any family or get him anything that he wants. He also talks to him about dying and that the other side was beautiful. He tells him that everyone is telling him that he was only dead for 8 seconds, but it sure felt longer. Hmmmmm… Anyway, more metal objects start to float and Diaz tells Coulson that he better get going. He leaves and the sky lights up with an electrial surge. Three dead people and nothing to go on but a helmet? The team takes the helmet with them and plans to bring it to The Sandbox, a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where a possible cure could be found in case the other firefighters have contracted the disease. Coulson tells Simmons to find a cure and they sit tight for a 4 1/2 hr plane ride.

May thinks something is wrong with Coulson, but he’s brushing it off. He goes to talk with Simmons and she tells him that this is an alien virus that the men contracted when cleaning the helmet. She figures out that the virus is spreading from electric shock via static electricity. All of the sudden, metal objects begin floating around her and Coulson seals her in the room. Simmons was infected when she was shocked by the first body!!!


Simmons is under the gun and has to find a cure to save herself. If she doesn’t and she goes boom she’ll take out the Bus and the team over the Atlantic. She is starting to look a little bit like Diaz did and the firehouse, but Fitz is sitting outside the lab trying to make a delivery system for a vaccine. The rest of the team feels somewhat helpless in the situation and are afraid that they are going to lose one of their own. Skye and Ward have a moment where he basically breaks down to her because this is the kind of thing that he can’t protect them from. Coulson talks to Agent Blake at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ and alerts them to what is going on. They tell him to get the helmet to the Sandbox and drop the “infected cargo” over the Atlantic. Coulson fakes some static and ends the transmission. Fitz and Simmons start to fight wioth each other because they are afraid what’s going to happen to her and start blaming each other for stupid things. You can totally see that these two nerds love each other and are scared that they are going to lose one another. Fitz tells her that she just needs to fix it and she tells him that she doesn’t know if she can. Fitz mans up and grabs the stored helmet despite orders and gets into the infected lab with Simmons to make a vaccine to save her life. The whole team watches and they test their vaccine on some rats, but it doesn’t look good because the rats get a shock, float and die. Simmons asks Coulson to tell her dad first, because she doesn’t think that her mom could handle it and then asks for a moment alone with Fitz. After the vaccine failed Fitz just went back to work on another (always the scientist.) Simmons knocks him out from behind with what appears to be a fire extinguisher. S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ gets on the line and wants to know the situation. Simmons leaves Fitz knocked out in the lab and opens the cargo bay doors of the plane. Fitz wakes up and see that the rat is OK and just got knocked out by the discharge system for the vaccine. He sees Simmons on the cargo bay door and is screaming for her to stop and tell her that it’s worked. She looks back at Fitz and then flies out of the Bus and sacrifices herself!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!


The whole crew see that the bay door opened and Fitz get the vaccine ready and goes to grab a parachute and Ward comes out of nowhere and throws one on. Fitz gives him the vaccine and Ward jumps out of the plane in a freefall after Simmons. He catches her and gives her the vaccine and the two parachute into the ocean. Back on the Bus Coulson gives them both hell for what they did, disobeying orders, etc… then tells Simmons to never pull a stunt like that again and that he’d hate to lose her. Ward and Simmons leave the office and he tells her that she is brave. She tells him about the Night Night pistol and he tells her that he always knew and then shows her his impression of himself. May checks on Coulson and he tells her that his bloodwork is OK and that he had the tests done on himself because he doesn’t feel right. She tells him to take off his shirt and they look at his scar. She tells him that he can’t go through something like he did and be the same, whether it was 8 seconds of death or 40. Either way scar remind you that there is no going back and that you feel different because you are different….hmmmm. So is he an LMD? Or are they just trying to throw us off the trail? I call Red Herring myself and stick to my theory that Coulson will become the Vision.

Fitz tells Simmons that he was going to jump but had a problem with the straps and she tells him that he is a hero. He’s the one who got in the lab with her with the helmet and risked his life to save her. She kisses him on the cheek and walks away. Ahhhh… Nerd Love.

When they get to the Sandbox, Coulson is met by Agent Blake and he tells him that losing the transmission was lame. He also tells him that stunts like that could take his whole little team away. Coulson retorts with, “I’d like to see them try!” Blake tells him that is doesn’t sound like the Phil Coulson that he knows, and Coulson tells him “No. It doesn’t.”

Overall good episode in my book. Some people feel that it’s a little slow, but I look at this show as a really good slow burn. The masses are used to the 2 hr Marvel movies where everything is wrapped up in a tight little bow at the end, but the beauty of serialized storytelling is that you can really give the viewer the big picture over time, which is something that I personally like a lot. Obviously this episode tied into the Avengers movie and a future episode of the show plans to tie directly into events from the new Thor flick. I think that is genius on their parts, and allows you to market your products in different ways. Also, with the announcement of the Netflix-based Marvel Knights style shows coming soon will we see the universe get even bigger and bigger? I hope so, because whatever they’re selling, I’m buying it…Until next time Nerds!

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