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Last night I paid admission and sat down for two hours of the Marvel Cinematic U with their newest flick; Thor: The Dark World! Was Thor a badass? Do we see the Nine Realms? Does the movie stand up in a post-Avengers world? Keep reading while I answer those questions and more…To Asgard!!!

Okay, so this review will definitely be spoiler-ish, I’ll try to be as vague as I can so you can still see it and enjoy, but I’m totally gonna spoil some stuff, s you have been warned…on to the review.


Thor: The Dark World opens up with a history lesson that feels more LOTR than your typical Marvel movie, but works in my opinion for a flick about Asgardians. You can definitely see helmer Alan Taylor’s Game of Thrones chops coming through with the sheer epic feel that this movie has, and it just feels right. After learning about The Dark Elves, their leader Malekith (The Doctor: Christopher Eccleston) and their place in history we fast forward to the present. Loki has received judgement from Odin and has been put into the dungeons and Thor is off fighting with his fellow Asgardians to return peace to the Nine Realms. It appears that since the Bifrost Bridge was destroyed at the end of the first movie, a fair amount of shit went down. Thor has changed himself and isn’t the brash young man that we saw in the first movie. He carries a sense of responsibility to him, and acts as a champion for all, but is also lovelorn because he cannot be with Jane Foster. Odin thinks him foolish for caring for a human and tries to get him to go after Sif, but he’s too busy pining over Jane and having Heimdall watch her (creepy) to notice her. On earth we find Jane on an awkward date with Chris O’Dowd (aka comedy relief.) It seems that she hasn’t gotten over her Norse God either but is trying to get back out there. Darcy shows up (played by Kat Jennings) and gets her to check out a site where there seems to be weird gravity/physics happenings happening.


Ya see in the opening scene Malekith was trying to use a weapon known as The Aether to attack the universe and bring darkness everywhere during an event called The Convergence where all Nine Realms aligned with one another. He was stopped by Odin’s daddy Bor and thought dead. The Aether couldn’t be destroyed so Bor had it hidden deep within the realms. The site that Jane and Darcy find have “portals” or “soft-spots” between the worlds that they find by throwing a bunch of random objects around the building and watching them disappear and then reappear somewhere else. These soft-spots are made by The Convergence, which is happening again after thousands of years. Jane stumbles onto a different portal and finds herself in a crypt of sort where Bor hid the Aether. Like any scientist, she is curious and gets close to the weapon and it latches herself onto her like a symbiote and she passes out. During this time Thor has Heimdall looking for Jane and he can’t find her, as she left the earthly plane. Jane passes out and wakes back up in the warehouse site and walks outside. Darcy called the cops because she thought she was lost for 5 hours, but it seemed like minutes to Jane. Thor, unsure of where his lady went traveled to Midgard to find her. The cops that Darcy called actually try to arrest Jane for trespassing and when they grab her a huge energy spike goes off and throws the cops down. Thor doesn’t know what’s wrong so he takes her to Asgard to heal her. The release of the Aether awakens Malekith and his cronies who made an escape after the battle with Bor. Long thought dead, the Dark Elves plot to get the Aether back by any means necessary and convert one of their own, Algrim the Strong into a being known as Kurse.



With Jane on Asgard, things begin to heat up. First their healers check her out and Odin tells Thor to get her out of there and refers to her as a goat! She meets his mother, Frigga (played by Renee Russo) and eve gets the evil eye from Sif. The Dark Elves strategically attack Asgard in search of The Aether by sending Kurse into the cells and begin an attack from within. From there Malekith and his army rides in on a large spaceship with multiple attack ships. This scene is really cool, in fact it’s one of the reasons why I really dig Thor in the Cinematic Marvel U. On one hand Thor is a god, but on another hand he’s an alien and although he comes from this warrior race with swords and hammers, they also have technology. So when the Dark Elves come crashing into Asgard, its like we have these castles that also have laser-gun turrets. It’s really cool, in fact it gave me the same feeling that I used to have about Star Wars, with the blend of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


The Dark Elves fail to get their weapon, but decimate Asgard physically and spiritually after killing their queen. Thor wants to go after Malekith and bring Jane to remove The Aether from her, and then destroy it, but Odin would rather wait for them in Asgard. Thor decides to commit treason and go forward with his plan with the help of Heimdall, Lady Sif, The Warriors Three (er, uh Two..for some reason Hogun spends most of the movie on his home realm? Kinda confusing, because I thought he was Asgardian…) and Loki (who he springs from jail.) Obviously Big Daddy Odin gets wind of the plan during the escape and we get to see a fun chase scene that has Thor piloting a spaceship…again, kinda odd, but cool.


Thor and Loki travel to The Dark Elves home realm of Svartalfheim with Jane to go forward with their plan. Malekith, Kurse, and crew show up and Thor and Loki attempt a ruse to throw them off guard. Although Malekith removes The Aether from Jane, Thor is unable to destroy it and Malekith draws The Aether into himself and becomes the host for the weapon while Kurse beats the crap out of the Thunder Guard. The Dark Elves escape and Kurse is about to make short work of Thor when he’s saved by Loki, who appears to sacrifice himself and dies by Kurse’s hand while protecting Thor. Thor and Loki have somewhat of a touching scene and Loki appears to be halfway decent to his brother as he gasps his last breath.


Malekith leaves Svartalfheim and it looks like Thor and Jane are trapped there, but coincidentally they find the other side of one of the portals that Jane and Darcy found earlier in the movie and make their way to Earth. There they team up with Jane’s Science Crew (patent pending) which includes Dr. Erik Selvig (who’s played brilliantly by Stellan Skarsgård) who went a little crazy earlier in the movie and was attempting to conduct scientific experiments at Stonehenge while he was naked. It seems that Selvig had this whole Convergence thing figured out and even had a device that he made that could somehow take Earth out of the equation with the other realms. They figure out that Malekith needs to comes to a specific spot on Earth for The Convergence which sets up the Third Act. Our hero needs to stop the Dark Elf from unleashing his wrath and thus ending the universe in a fairly entertaining final battle scene that includes some dark and badass spots contrasted by some funny moments. I’m going to step there, so you can see the rest in the theatre. But will say that the scene after the final battle is quite awesome and very true to character.

Overall I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World. On one of our last podcasts many of The Geeks talked about how they didn’t love the first Thor movie and I totally get it because it’s hard to get your head around the whole God-thing, but I think that they did a really good job this time. Getting to see different worlds in the Nine Realms and also Asgard in general for a big portion of the movie really helped sell the myth in my mind, but maybe I’m a sucker for a good Fantasy/Science Fiction crossover-style movie. Either way, I think that the sequel gives us a deeper look at who Thor is and where he comes from and builds off of the characterization that he was given in the Avengers. I give Thor: The Dark World 4 out of 5 Mjölnir’s! How about you? Did you like it or hate it? Let us know in the comments!

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