Brovember Day 8 – Sam and Frodo


Well let’s just get the weirdness out of the way: I am obviously not a man and therefore cannot understand the bonding and emotions experienced by individuals in a bromance. Yes I have many friends of the female persuasion, and yes I appreciate the sisterhood bond that can form between two female friends, but even though I don’t know what it is like to have a bromance, I am a little envious. Maybe I am reading in to things too much, but it seems like all you bromanced men are out there shooting the shit drinking beers, whereas many women choose to go shopping for shoes or go to a spa to bond. I would much prefer the former, but maybe that’s why I write for the brotherhood. This month’s topic has got me thinking about over a dozen bromances that I have come to adore and respect, and secretly be jealous of, so I guess it’s time for me to start bringing you some of my favorites.

Just writing this post is making me choke up at the epicness of their friendship...

Just writing this post is making me choke up at the epicness of their friendship…

Today I start with Sam and Frodo. This epic duo brings me to tears every time I watch The Return of the King. (Ok, maybe that is not a very manly thing to do, but come on people, show some emotion, I am just expressing emotion over one of the greatest male friendships of all time!). We all know these two, at this point I personally don’t know a single person who has not watched the LOTR trilogy (though that might be more of a reflection of the people I like to hang out with). Frodo Baggins has been given the task of bringing the one ring back to Mordor to destroy it, and his best friend (and gardener, that’s a little weird, right?) Samwise Gamgee is determined to help him through it all.

Now Frodo might be the central character throughout the whole series, but I would argue that Sam is the strongest. These two must face unfathomable evils on their quest, especially since they are little taller than a 7 year old child, and they pull themselves through it together. Well, in my opinion, Sam does most of the pulling, but at least Frodo has the sense to acknowledge Sam as the real reason they achieve their mission.


Sam is also the more cheery of the company, trying to look on the bright side of things and keep them optimistic during their perilous journey, an though he has a hard time smiling Frodo knows to appreciate Sam for all that he does for the two. And when all seems lost Sam proves himself as the truest friend of all, stating “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!” and doing just that.

While it is sad that these two get thrown in to such an adventure that they no longer get to sit around at the Shire pub and enjoy a brew together much, traveling to what seems like the end of the world and back again really can test your relationship, and Sam and Frodo pass with flying colors.


And ultimately this friendship ends up a long distance relationship. I won’t say that it ends, I think in both of their hearts their love for one another will never end, but Frodo journeys on to Undying Lands where he can live out the end of his days without bearing the wounds he suffered during his journey. As a testament to their friendship, Sam goes on to name his first son after his best friend Frodo.


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  1. I’ve always loved Bromance (most likely for the same reasons on you), and Sam and Frodo’s was probably the first I ever truly loved. Great post.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully you’ll keep enjoying the future ones as much as we enjoy writing them!

  3. Brovember is now my most favourite thing ever.

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