Who’s Better: Thor or Loki?

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With the release of Thor: The Dark World right on our doorstep, Marvel put together this quick little spot that parodies the well-known AT&T Commericals that has Loki sitting around with a bunch of kids asking who is better, Thor or Loki? As you can imagine, our trickster isn’t happy with the results.

I’ve gotta say that although the first Thor movie had mixed reviews, I liked it myself and have to say that the characterization of Loki on screen Mixed with what J. Michael Straczynski was doing in the Thor book really made me like the character, when I never really cared about him before. I’m excited to see Thor: The Dark World and I’m really curious to see the ramifications it will have on the rest of the Marvel Cinematic U!

Thor: The Dark World opens in North American theaters the evening of November 7th.

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    This is awesome, I love the way Marvel continues to give us little extra bits! And well done to Tom Hiddleston for being such an amazing actor.

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