Brovember 6th – Bart & Milpool…Err, Milhouse

Brovember is off to a rousing start and today we’re bringing you a deeper look at a bromance that most of us have grown up with.  Today’s subjects bonded over milk boxes in kindergarten and will most likely still be friends when they’re old and cranky.  Today, Brovember the 5th, we’re honoring the unbreakable bond between Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten.

Bart_&_Milhouse_(Kindergarden)On the outside, it would appear that Milhouse isn’t so much Bart’s friend as he is his whipping boy/guinea pig/sidekick.  Milhouse plays second fiddle to the much more socially successful Bart, and in exchange for letting him hang around, Bart gets a convenient scapegoat and/or test subject whenever he needs one. The two seem like an odd match: a sheltered, nerdy kid and the somewhat popular, trouble maker.  It’s easier to believe that Bart is just letting Milhouse hang out with him, but in reality, the two boys couldn’t be better friends. There have been some rough patches in the friendship here and there; usually caused by girls or other important topics such as shared ownership rights of a rare and valuable Radioactive Man Comic. There was even that time Bart framed Milhouse for murder.

Milhouse puts up with a ton of crap from Bart, but he knows that Bart is probably keeping him from daily beatings from the bullies, who Bart seems to be in good with.  Although one could question Milhouse’s true motivations for putting up with Bart.  Could he be doing it all just to get close to Lisa, whom he harbors a deep crush for?  Could he just be playing Bart for a fool?  After all, in the end, the ‘house always wins.

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Regardless of what their true motivations are for spending time with each other, the two remain partners in crime.  Where one can be found causing mischief, the other is surely not far behind.  Bart and Milhouse’s friendship was forged on the playground of Springfield Elementary and will endure until their days at the Springfield Retirement Castle. There’s is a bromance that defines what it is to be childhood bros and for that we honor them in our month long celebration of the greatest bromances in pop culture history.

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