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Another week in Starling and the universe of Arrow is opening up! At the end of the last episode we found out that The Canary had some ties to Ra’s Al Ghul and that he was on the lookout for her. She on the other hand wants to stay off the radar so much that she would kill for it. Sound odd to you and a little out of character for Black Canary? Actually, Canary is one of the most skilled and dangerous fighters in the DCU and has even walked away from battles with Lady Shiva, so I can see how the League would be a place for her to train in the Arrow-verse. Anyway, this episode had some big reveals about our newest crime fighter so settle in and lets go back to Starling City…


Our show opens up with what appears to be a socialite benefit party at the Queen Mansion to lure investors to Queen Consolidated. Isabel Rochev is quite unhappy because Ollie is late to his own party. In his defense, he was pre-occupied with gun-runners with military-grade armaments, but takes then out rather easy. When he shows up to the party he gets an earful from Rochev and then overhears Laurel and Alderman Blood talking about a gun problem in the city, Blood goes on to say that The Glades is over-run with gangbangers with weapons and Laurel assures him that he DA’s office is working on it. Blood tells them that the Mayor is arming people, which has Ollie confused because he thought that the Mayor was killed by the Hoods (back in episode one,) but Blood is referring to a new gang leader called The Mayor. Ollie and Laurel chat it up at the party and Felicity interrupts them to let him know that she has a new theory that The Canary may not be tailing him after all, but Laurel. Outside Laurel’s apartment we see the Canary, an arrow flies by her head and she runs off and Ollie catches her in a trap. She drops a sonic device, but he’s ready for it and asks her why she is following Laurel, she asks him the same question then says its always the same, him and Laurel always and forever…Ollie. He’s taken aback and removes her mask to find out that she is Sarah Lance; Laurel’s sister who we thought died with Ollie on the Queens Gambit in the first season. She gives him a moment to let it set in and then lets off an explosive charge and disappears… Great opening!

The Mayor's in Office

The Mayor’s in Office

Ollie tells the team about Sarah and they thought she was dead, in fact he world did because ollie told them she died. But Ollie may not have been entirely truthful, which pisses the team off. He tells them that he thought she died on the Gambit but then he saw her a year later, but she was different. Ollie’s keeping secrets about his time on the island and the team is pissed about it. He quickly changes the conversation to business and wants to know info on The Mayor. Digg tells him that secrets keep weight and the more there are the harder it is to keep moving. Ollie retorts with “You see how hard I work out.” We flashback to the boat that Ollie was left on in the flashback last week and he’s in a cage. Some guy is asking him about graves on the island and tells Ollie that if he doesn’t tell him what he wants he will torture and kill him. Ollie stays quiet so he shoots him in the side.

At the Watchtower, Canary tells Sin that she’s afraid that Ollie will tell her family that she is alive because she doesn’t want them to know what she’s turned into. Meanwhile Digg gets some info on the guns from an old army pal who seems to have the hots for him and Ollie meets with Blood and Rochev at Queen Consolidated to talk about the guns in The Glades. Ollie wants to give Blood money for a buyback program to get the guns off the streets. Blood seems reluctant, but goes along with it. Rochev tells Ollie that the company will not support this, so he tells her that he’ll pay for it with his own funds. She reminds him that his trust fund is running out and tells him that he has to be responsible to the company and stop pretending to be the CEO. Laurel’s boss weasels her out on a date and she has a few drinks at dinner, when he comes on a little strong she leaves the restaurant (probably out of guilt) and drives home. She’s pulled over and when the cop asks her if she’s been drinking she tries to drop her name and title on the guy and he tells her to get out of the car. At the Arrow Cave (catching on, right?) Digg and Felicity tell Ollie that they know where the guns are coming from and that there is a tracking signal on the weapons that was created by Queen Consolidated. They turn the signal on and Arrow visits “City Hall” to take down The Mayor. He secures the weapons and gets a few low level thugs, but the boss and his men escape. Classic Comic-Book pun too…Ollie: Weapons are Secure. Digg: And The Mayor? Ollie: Still in Office. HAHAHA

Just boozing it up...

Just boozing it up…

Papa Lance comes to bail out Laurel (they always watch over their own, right?) They have a fight because he sees that she’s messed up and is starting to abuse alcohol. Apparently he was a drunk after Sarah went missing, so he’s seeing it from a first-hand perspective. Laurel doesn’t want to hear it and she takes a cab home. Sarah goes to see Ollie to find out if he’s told her family, he tells her that he didn’t and that she should. In the conversation she mentions Slade! and Ollie just brushes it off (Calling it now… he is Ra’s al Ghul’s heavy for Ollie to fight later in the season.) Daddy Lance shows up while the two are talking and tells Ollie that he wants to talk to him about his daughter and then goes on about Laurel. He asks Ollie to talk with her because he’s afraid of the path that she’s on. Back to the boat, we see Ollie waking up and in pain. Next to him is a bunch of tools to sew himself up. He asks the guy in the cage next to him why they’ve done this and he tells him its that they want to see if he can survive. Apparently everyone in the cages have been through this ordeal and the pretty boy learns how to remove a bullet and sew himself up.

Ollie tries to talk to Laurel, but she’s not having it. She’s pissed that everyone thinks she has this problem and that people should mind their own business. Back on the boat Ollie is back in the cage and is getting questioned about the island again. He’s asked if he found a gravesite and some bodies and if the bones were disfigured…Ollie doesn’t answer, but just from the look he’s giving him the guy radios that they’ve got the right island. At the gun swap we see Roy bringing in a few pistols from the old days. Sin sees him and calls out “Hey Abercrombie!” Thea wants to know who she is and he tells her it’s just a friend from the old days. He introduces her to Thea and she seems surprised that he’s dating a Queen, and also whispers to Roy that she doesn’t know about him and the vigilante, does she? Ollie shows up to see how everything is going and him and Blood have a conversation where Blood tells him about a crucible and what people do for others. The Mayor and his hoods show up guns a blazin’ and he makes a speech about how he is the power in the Glades. Blood yells back at him and he orders his men to fire, but Ollie saves him. A bunch of cops get shot up in the shootout, and so does Sin… Thea goes to get help, but it doesn’t look so good!

The team figures out The Mayor’s identity and figures how he’s getting the guns. It seems he was in the foster system and his foster brother is in the army and is based out of Camp Kirby where the arms are being taken from. At the hospital we find out that Sin’s made it through, but Roy is gonna stick around to see if she wakes up. Canary is perched out the windowsill and meets up with Ollie to stop the next shipment. GA and Canary get to the deal and both thugs and military guys are there but they make short work of them. The Mayor shoots a small shell at them but Ollie hits it with an arrow and it explodes midair. When our heroes get up they grab each others weapons and wreck the house with them before trading back. Canary takes out the mayor and Ollie convinces her not to kill him despite what it looks like she wants to do. The scene of those two fighting together was really badass. GA and Black Canary were always looked at as street-level heroes and I’ll say that this show has really shown that well.

Hard Traveling Heroes?

Hard Traveling Heroes?

This team-up was awesome!

This team-up was awesome!

In Queen Consolidated Blood comes to see Ollie to thank him for saving his life and for the money behind the event. Ollie asks Blood why he doesn’t run for the real mayor and he tells him that there is more than one way to save a city. Sin wakes up in the hospital and tells Roy that she’ll keep his secret. Thea walks in and tells her “You know you’re dating a moron, right?” Sarah shows up to the hospital to see Sin and Ollie catches her in the hall. He tells her that she has to tell her family that she’s alive and that they need her. She tells Ollie that if they knew he lied about her death that they’d never talk to him again, but Ollie says that it’d be worth it. Daddy Lance appears to be in his AA group and starts telling them about Laurels problem and there are jump cuts to her pounding down wine and popping pills, and another cut has Sarah taking Ollie’s hand and they walk down the hospital hall together which seems to symbolize she’s going to do the right thing. Back on the boat Ollie is brought in to the torturer and it’s none other than Sarah Lance!!!

We end on The Mayor and he’s surprised that he’s not in a police station. A man in a mask comes in and calls him Brother. He tells him that to save the city he will need an army that is strong and injects The Mayor with a bright green liquid. The masked man asked him if he’s ready to serve, but The Mayor doesn’t survive the process. The mask removes and it’s none other than Sebastion Blood telling one of the thugs in the room to bring him another. He answers, “Yes, Brother Blood!”



Wow! lots and lots going on in this episode. We saw a fair amount of flashbacks that progresses the story of Ollie on the island and brings Sarah Lance into his past too. The current story is a nice contrast as we got to see the two work together and trust each other to take down The Mayor. I didn’t love The Mayor myself, in fact I think that they should’ve gone with Brick, or turn The Mayor into Brick with the serum. I wont lie though, even though I like what is going on I’m also afraid that the whole Ra’s al Ghul thing and the League of Assassins is very Batman Begins and I only hope that they don’t go that route and I hope that Brother Blood is working alone, rather than with Ra’s. Only time will tell I guess…

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