Villain Spotlight: Oogie Boogie

Have you all woken up from your candy and alcohol induced comas? Good! Welcome back to another edition of the spookiest, scariest, and most dastardly column on the internet….the Villain Spotlight! I figured since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, that we could stretch it out just one more day to Friday. I was wracking my brain and trying to come up with something appropriate for you all, and came across someone I am surprised I haven’t mentioned or spotlighted before. A real man made of the stuff nightmares are afraid of, a bag of acid and bile that haunts your mind with visions of terrifying terribleness, and man who eats fear like it’s so much candy. Ladies and Ghouls, I present to you…..Oogie Boogie!!

oogie 1

Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas has to be one of the most popular and beloved movies of all time. I rarely meet anyone who hates it or dislikes it in any fashion, and the fact that you get to traverse it in Kingdom Hearts makes it that much more awesome to me. Jack Skellington will hands down go down in history as one of the most amazing characters to come out of any movie or show, but in all honesty, I feel like he may be slightly overrated. Not to acquire any sort of hate or malice from those reading this, but you should all know me by now and know that I gravitate towards the absurd and evil. Hence, that is why this one is going to be all about that bastard Oogie Boogie. I love him, and honestly felt a twang of depression when he gets defeated at the end. Such is life though I suppose.

oogie 2

Oogie Boogie, unlike all of the other people in Halloween Town, is purely evil. Everyone else likes to scare people mainly because they enjoy it and have fun, whereas Oogie does it because he wants them to be scared forever and fear him above all else. This even goes so far as to have him banned from the town proper, and has to live on the outskirts of town, which I guess is understandable. Once you get a look at his dwellings though, you will see that he is living in anything but squalor. Resembling a horrible casino of torture devices and hanging skeletal bats, you would think you stepped into Arthur’s house, which if I have my way, will closely resemble this abode. I want it so freaking bad guys, like you don’t understand. It’s amazing. His theme…..boner inducing. The best part about all of this is that he has this sort of amazing green glow about him that just screams malice, and there is rarely a thing I have wanted more in my life. Just look at my portrait and you’ll understand. He even has rather unwilling henchmen in Lock, Shock and Barell, but we won’t talk about them too much….goddamn traitors. However, they did help in bringing about Oogie’s great plan, which was to kidnap Sandy Claws and add him into his deliciously evil soup. Now, when you think of villains, most of the time they tend to want to blow the world up, or make your life a living hell, but never has anyone expressly made it their business to rob kids of Christmas in such a brutal fashion that it is borderline offensive…..and awesome.

oogie and santa

Eventually, Oogie is stopped by Jack and Sally, to my chagrin, and things take a turn for the more warm hearted with everyone having their happy ending. Boo fucking hoo. In all honesty, the fact that they ostracized Oogie and relegated him to the outskirts of town, mainly due to his more free thinking mentality (malice) and appearance (bag of horrors), I side with Oogie on this one. Why does Santa get to have all the fun and adoration? Why can’t Christmas be about scaring people and not making nice with everyone for the day? Because Jack Skellington, that’s why. Now I know this may sound a bit farced and ridiculous, but it is simply the truth. Jack, in his never ending quest to bring Christmas to Halloween Town, really breaks so many laws and does so many bad things, so much so that Oogie’s kidnapping of Santa seems pale in comparison. Jack nearly doomed everyone by doing what he did, and without Oogie’s intervention (albeit in slightly malicious fashion), Jack would have spiraled into a miasma of bad decisions and bullshit. Oogie is, dare I say, the Hero in this story. One cannot have an emotional and heartfelt conclusion without some sort of vanquishment of a villainous character, and in their blindness, they made Oogie the monster and jack the hero. I call bullshit on that. Total bullshit.

The fact of the matter is that Oogie, even though he was acting of his own accord, deep down knew what was going to happen if jack kept on going the way he was going. Shit was about to get real, and Oogie did what Oogies do, and took the blame and set in motion a plan that would essentially save the day, but make him look like the asshole. He even went so far as to even act the villain, just to give it the full effect and make everyone think that he was being for serious. You know what I call that? A true hero. Now this could be just a long series of delusions in my villainy addled mind, but when you think about it, doesn’t it just make a little too much sense? We all know Jack is a loose cannon of the Riggs variety, and sometimes, you need someone just bad enough to reel them back in and keep them in line. Who else in all of Halloween Town was qualified for that? Fucking no one, and it is a shame. Oogie essentially dooms himself to save everyone else, and for that, I thank you Oogie Boogie.

oogie and jack

The bottom line here is that even though we all may seem like the most heroic and necessary saviors of those around us, sometimes we may actually be the exact opposite. We call those enablers and sometimes even charlatans. I can’t even imagine the sort of hell jack would have brought about had he succeeded in his plan without Oogie’s intervention. So with a bleeding heart (in my hands) I strongly advise you all to rewatch this movie, but watch it from Oogie’s perspective… may wind up seeing something you didn’t the first time you saw this movie, and it may scare the shit out of you. Happy Halloween and here’s to Thanksgiving around the corner!!

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