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Happy Friday suckers! I have yet another critique of an all-around amazing vampire TV show for you to sink your teeth into today.  I know Vampire Diaries is still an active show on the CW network (what the hell does CW stand for by the way? I mean, at least when the WB network was around we all knew what that stood for. I had to look it up on good ole Wikipedia, and I guess it was a joint venture between the CBS network and the Warner Brothers Entertainment group, so they named it CW after the first initial of each company. I guess that makes sense cause the only thing I could think that it stood for was “Country Western” and that sure as hell wouldn’t make much sense with it’s programing).


So as I was saying, I do have friends that are out there watching the latest season (I think #5) of Vampire Diaries on The CW as we speak, but with my love of fangs I decided to check this show out earlier this year. From the cover of the DVD case I was not overly optimistic that I would be enjoying this teenie-bopper wonder, but let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised once I made it past the first 4 episodes.

Trust me on this one folks, make it past the first 4 episodes of background and this show gets rocking. You see, the first 4 episodes set the scene: Stefan is a classic brooding vampire trying to work off the red on his ledger by refraining from eating human blood, and he comes back to his hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia 140 years after becoming a vampire to see a high school junior named Elena who just happens to look identical to his long-lost love Katherine, the vampire who turned him. And when I say exactly alike, these two are identical, even more identical than twins. Do you remember that fad on Facebook a couple years ago where everyone started using this doppelgänger application and changing their profile pictures to celebrities that looked vaguely like them? Well after watching VD I figured out that the doppelgänger phenomenon probably became popular because of the show, with Elena and Katherine being doppelgängers.


Stefan of course falls in love with Elena, but then enter Damon, Stefan’s vampire brother who is hell-bent on torturing his little brother for eternity. While those of you VD lovers know Damon is a lot more complicated in future seasons, I have to say I just adore season 1 Damon. Damon is quite the bad ass, and his one-liners making fun of everyone, especially his brother’s affinity for rabbit blood, are hilarious.


Really the first four episodes of season 1 are about introducing these main characters as well as getting a heavy dose of unwanted teenage drama (god I hate cheerleaders and high school football, and they even had Stefan try to join the team in a pathetic attempt to be human that just wasn’t needed). But after the high school football coach gets murdered by Damon things start to get fun.

Lucky for us this is one of those normal shows that have more than the weeny 10 episodes, so you’ll have over 20 mouth-watering episodes to become obsessed with once you get past the introduction. Suddenly we are drawn in to several fun and repeating story lines: an ancient crypt under a church where over 20 vampires from 140 years ago have been entrapped, including the infamous Katherine, becomes Damon’s second obsession in life aside from torturing his brother. Bonnie, Elena’s best friend and a witch descendent from Salem, MA starts to learn about her powers, and the possibility of opening that tomb of vampires. We get to watch a drug addict Vicky go through the transformation to vampire, and the train wreck that follows.


Once the tomb is opened and the vampires released, a battle ensues between the town’s founding families (all avid-vampire hunters) and the vengeful rotted blood suckers that wasted away under the town for over a century. There is action in every episode, and lots of graphic murders (making me all the more entertained). I love that Damon’s M.O. for killing people is ripping their heart out and showing it to them. Kali ma, kali ma!!!


And eventually we meet Alaric, the new history teacher who came to Mystic Falls with an agenda: kill Damon of course. But that would be because he thought Damon killed his wife; turns out he turned her in to a vamp after draining her blood, and oh yeah, she just happens to be Elena’s long lost biological mother. Did you follow all that? Season finale time, how can we shake this basket up even more…let’s see, murder several vampires that are important to the story line AND introduce two important players: the werewolf population in Mystic Falls (yeah, it’s dwindling, but there) and none other than Katherine herself.

That’s season 1 in a nutshell, or basically enough teasers to inspire you to go watch it. I swear, aside from the occasional romantic moment between Stefan and Elena trying to impersonate Bella and Edward, this show is all about spilling blood and conspiracy theories, which is why I am hooked. Trust me, if you can make it past the first 4 episodes you will be delighted and lusting for some fangs. I will be sure to bring you some sparse details about the future seasons, especially once this show is fully retired so we can watch it over and over again.


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