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Brovember Day 30 – Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

On this, the final day of Brovember, let us look back on the friendships we’ve explored. Whether these friendships were pulled from the pages of a book, snatched from the silver screen, or just a weekly bro-down on a TV series, they all shared one notable feature; The characters features in these pairings were fictional. Well, that is not the case with this, our last entry into the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Brovember Hall of Fame. There is no denying the real world existence of…

Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

Henry and Glenn 5

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Hippogriff

It’s our last weekend this month where we spotlighted various creatures encountered in the world of Harry Potter. There are a lot more I could write about in the future (and I still just might) but today I am going to end our month-long venture with a creature I would desperately want to meet: the hippogriff.


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Brovember Day 29 – Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Savor the sweet taste of Brovember, for it is fleeting! And like the McRib, it won’t be back for quite some time.

Today’s entry in the Brovember Hall of Fame comes from the greatly underrepresented world of DC Comics! We’ve had a good number of Marvel bromances so far this month, but we’ve as yet failed to touch upon the main continuity of the Distinguished Competition (Preacher was published by the Vertigo imprint). And while this one isn’t exactly Batman and Superman in terms of brand recognition, the depths of the friendship explored today make the Batcave look like an anthill in comparison. Naturally, I’m speaking of that wonderful duo…


Blue and Gold 1

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S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Up!: Repairs


Happy Thanksgiving Evil Geekites, before you gorge yourself at the trough of the turkey gods let’s take a minute to talk those globe-trotting, terrorist fighting, wise cracking, one of them might be a robot(ing?), semi-governmental Agents of SHIELD.  Week by week the story is slowly unfolding (some would say a little too slowly) and we’re learning more about the members of the team.  This week’s main threat comes in the form of a lab accident survivor, who may have become telekinetic as a result. In the background though, we learn a little more about the backstory of Melinda May, AKA the Cavalry.  Get on the bus kiddies, wheels up in 5!

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Brovember 28 – Shaun and Ed

I think you evil geek followers know by now that both C-Mart and Lilith here are huge fans of the Cornetto Trilogy. And while there are some great bromances encountered through all of them, just like the movies overall I find that in Shaun of the Dead to be my favorite: that between Shaun and Ed. Ed, the hopeless, unemployed, loser roommate, and Shaun the lost, needy, yet loyal best friend.


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Happy Thanksgiving Evil Geeks

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fellow nerds out there!

Hey gang, we’ve gotta whole day of geekiness for you with reviews and another dose of Brovember but just wanted to sneak in and officially tell you to enjoy your turkey day and eat your vegetables… You’re gonna need that energy to fight the evil hordes of shoppers on Black Friday and/or the Zygons that you’ll most likely bump into (Hey, they want cheap TV’s too!)

If you’ve got some time to kill before dinner, there’s a great holiday read in 2002’s Virtue and Vice, because there’s nothing like turkey and superheroes to get you in a holiday mood!

Later Internet!

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