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Greetings Evil Geekites and welcome back to Zombie Round Up, everyone’s favorite place to talk The Walking Dead.  Folks, it’s been said that America’s prisons are amongst some of the most dangerous places on Earth and that was proven last week after a slight outbreak of zombies in the prison, coupled with the mysterious deaths/burnings of several residents of Zombieworth Penitentiary.  One of the crispy victims was Tyreese’s would-be girlfriend, so naturally he’s going to have a few questions along with the rest of us.  How did these people come about becoming those hot dogs that get left on the grill a few minutes too long?  Were they burned alive? Were they killed then burned? Did they die of the killer flu that’s been making the rounds and their bodies burned as a precaution?  Will Hershel ever get to savor the taste of fresh pork rinds again after Rick killed all the pigs?  Let’s get dissecting!

Here's a pinup from this month's issue of Naughty Post-Apocalyptic Babes Behind Bars.

Here’s a pin-up from this month’s issue of Naughty Post-Apocalyptic Babes Behind Bars.

Ye be warned, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler I say.  HO. LEE. F#%$!!!  Well I certainly didn’t see that one coming.  So it would seem that Rick’s detective skills haven’t gone by the wayside since he hasn’t been doing any police work for a while though.  After closely examining the crime scene and poring over the evidence like a zombie killing, southern talkin’ Batman, Rick deduces that Carol was the one who killed Karen and other guy who wasn’t in the show long enough for me to remember his name. Dave? Was it Dave?  It might have been Dave.  His charred corpse looked like the charred corpse of a Dave.  Rick comes right out and bluntly asks Carol if she killed them. Upon responding in the nonchalantly affirmative, Carol just continues going about her business as if nothing is wrong.  We still don’t know what the circumstances of the killings were; Karen and Probably Dave absolutely were sick, so it’s possible that Carol only burned them after they died from the flu, but given the fragile emotional state of everyone else at the prison right now, it wouldn’t be surprising is she just snapped and offed them in a Walter White style “Fugue State”.

A Milford man is never scene nor heard

You can always tell a Milford man.

Aside from the problem of Carol possibly being a stone cold killer, this turn of events also creates a huge honking problem for Rick, who seems to have once again assumed the leader role without so much of a whimper from the oft spoken of “council” that was allegedly running the joint.  The normally placid, understanding and reasonable Tyreese has an understandably upsetting reaction to the discovery that the woman he was growing close to has been roasted.  He REALLY flies off the handle in an uncharacteristic manner and lashes out at Rick both argumentatively and physically, as he manages to land a few sucker punches on the now former farmer.  Rick matches Tyreese’s flip out and raises him a severe beating, with Darryl having to step in and restrain Rick to keep him from killing Tyreese.  Later on when tensions have cooled, but Tyreese’s gnarled face having not yet healed, the two men speak, each taking equal amounts of culpability for the earlier incident. Tyreese though is still really worked up over the murder (again, completely understandably), and begins accusing Rick of taking no action towards finding the killer.  In Rick’s defense, he has bigger fish to fry (oh wow, after typing that I realize in this situation that may not have been the best phrase to employ), half the prison is dying from the deadly flu and he’s got his hands full making sure that the sick are cared for and have vital things like WATER.  Once he’s taken care of that, I’m sure he’d be all over the murder scene, which is what he does.  Now that Carol’s been outed as the killer, will Rick tell Tyreese that she’s the killer or will Rick try to protect her since he’s known her for so long.  Again, the people were CLEARLY infected, but the whole thing is still pretty messed up.

What’s the best way for the guy suffering through mental trauma to get over it and get back on track? Send him on a really important mission, of course!  Tyreese decides to go on a supply run with Darryl, Michonne, and Bob. Hershel tells them about a veterinary hospital about 50 miles away that may have some antibiotics which could help treat some of the people who are suffering from the killer flu.  Along the way the group runs into a shitload of zombies and must ditch their car and make a break for the woods.  Darryl, Michonne, and Bob each make their egress from the vehicle and haul ass expeditiously for the safety of the forest, but Tyreese just sits in the car in a near catatonic state.  When he finally does get out of the vehicle, surviving the horde doesn’t appear to be on his mind.  He stays behind to distract the horde as the others escape, but then in the closing moments stumbles his way back to the others, seemingly unharmed.  He’s going through his “Crazy Tyreese” phase, taking a page from the Rick Grimes Playbook.

The fragile mental state of not only Carol, but of Rick and Tyreese as well, seemed to be a recurring theme of the episode.  Carol is constantly sacrificing and going out of her way to help the people of the prison, but obviously all that responsibility has been taking a toll on her. Tyreese is clearly in a state of distress as not only his fracas with Rick, but by his actions on the trip he takes on the supply run. Rick is also on thin mental ice as well.  He’s afraid of being seen as Crazy Rick again as evidenced by his reaction when he realizes that he nearly beat Tyreese to death.  Will he go bat shit crazy again or can he hold it together to be a better leader to his people than he has been in the past?  Stay tuned next week and make sure to check back here for a brand new Zombie Round Up to see if he can, Evil Geeks!

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  1. hahaha replacing the cancelled half cop and a half, geezer and psycho take over your screens following the new food network phenomenon, the Walking Bread!

  2. This episode made me long for a Hershel/Carl buddy cop type spin off

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