Zombie Round Up: Infected

Right before the rod went straight through his skull, Gary thought to himself “Man…I really picked the wrong time to break out this Solomon Grundy cosplay.”

Lassos at the ready Evil Geeks, it’s time for another Zombie Round-Up!!!  Last week was mostly catching up on the time-lapse between seasons and place setting for the rest of this season, but some pretty hefty stuff went down at the end of the episode that can and most definitely will have some grave effects on our group of survivors.  Patrick, whom you may remember as the gawky teenager from the premiere who you immediately knew was going to die just by looking at him, came down with a really nasty case of zombie-itis, quickly going from alive to undead in a matter of seconds while the rest of the prison was sleeping and thus vulnerable.  Does Patsy get his fill at a midnight buffet? Or will Herschel stumble across him during a late night toilet wine brewing session and alert the others?  Get your corpse handling gloves on kids and let’s find out!

  You know what’s worse than a virus that turns people into zombies whenever they die?  A virus that turns people into zombies when they die that’s transmitted like a normal cold.  Patrick died from presumably some form of the flu, but it’s tough to say that with any certainty, since the last person who worked for the CDC committed suicide back at the end of Season 1.  The virus isn’t technically what’s turning them into zombies; the virus gives its victims a super intense flu which they end up dying from and once they’re dead, then they turn.  It’s a pretty nasty situation and it’s one more thing to be scared shitless of in a world filled with things to be scared shitless of, but if the group maintains a quarantine and make sure to burn anything that may be infected, then they should be good in a few weeks.  Hershel mentions that historically the flu  is spread to humans through pigs, so Rick’s herd of pigs is quickly sent out as a tasty distracting snack for the walkers that have been amassing at the fence of the prison.  Ok, blood thirsty, reanimated corpses I can deal with, but now we can’t have bacon?!?!  This truly is the apocalypse!!!  Look, that one pig looks really healthy; let’s ram a spit through him and roast him over a fire for a few hours.  The heat will kill the virus and at the end we’ll have a succulent dinner waiting for us.  Seriously, after about a week of forced vegetarianism I would strongly be considering taking a nose dive off the highest guard tower I can find in that prison.

Regardless of how he died, zombie Patrick goes unnoticed long enough to start making throat tar-tar out of an unsuspecting survivor, which causes all hell to break loose.  You know how those zombie parties go, you bite one person, then they bite two friends, then they bite two friends and they bite two friends, and the next thing you know you’ve got cell block full of hungry guests chowing down on each other.  Rick, Darryl, and the others arrive to straighten the situation out and save the day.  During the post battle sweep of the cell block, you get your first glimpse of Rick as a subordinate to Darryl, who seems to be the one in charge of the group these days.  The entire encounter with the outbreak is enough to get Rick thinking about changing his newly instituted policy of pacifism and by the end of the episode he and Carl are both once again packing heat full-time.  Rick carrying a gun again isn’t so much a failure of his new outlook causing him to become a violent person again; to me it’s more that he’s learned in this new world, you can’t survive unless you’re fully prepared at all times.  It’s impractical and unrealistic to think that you won’t need a gun at some point because normal living is now constantly a life and death situation.  Rick’s carrying a gun again, but at the same time I don’t think he’s the same person he was before the fight with the Governor.  He’s smarter than he was before, but also colder.

Ironically, Rick really hated playing Farmville before the zombies came.

Ironically, Rick really hated playing Farmville before the zombies came.

Speaking of the Governor, it would appear that SOMEBODY at the prison may still be holding a loyalty to the erstwhile cycloptic leader.  We see someone feeding rats to walkers through the fence in an attempt to concentrate their numbers, thus making it possible for them to break through the fence.  You don’t see who the person is, so it might be someone currently living at the prison, but it’s also possible that it may be the Governor himself sneaking into the prison to commit acts of sabotage.  We’re left with a mystery at the end of the episode, as Tyrese finds his new would-be girlfriend murdered and burned to a crisp along with another body in the  prison courtyard.  It’s certainly possible that the person who committed this heinous act is the same person who’s been luring walkers to the fence, but when you think about what’s been going on with the virus at the prison, let’s not rule out the possibility that the burned bodies might not be as treacherous an act as it appears.  Could it be that each of the people who are found burning died of the illness that killed Patrick and someone burned their bodies in order to prevent the disease from spreading or to keep them from turning?  Surely this is a gruesome scene to stumble across, but maybe it’s something that needed to be done in the name of safety.

095627cb-8dcd-499e-908b-4692564379f4_4371e788-1db5-ddb0-c07f-c3b41b121b9a_TWD_402_GP_0520_0535The saboteur’s scheme seems to be working as eventually the zombies overrun a section of the fence, while the survivors are on the other side of it desperately trying to kill enough of them before the fence collapses, while holding up that fence at the same time.  Clearly this is going to be a major concern for the survivors inside the prison.  In my opinion, they’ve been a little lax in keeping that fence clear of walkers.  There should be someone on duty at times whose sole responsibility is to stab walkers through the fence.  If they stay on top of the situation and make sure that there isn’t a massive crowd of zombies ready to tear down the fence, then the survivors would probably have a lot less to worry about.  By the end of the episode, the survivors have managed to buttress the areas of the fence that were weakened by the horde, but it doesn’t look like that fence will hold up for very long.  The group at the prison may be living on borrowed time; next week could even be the ep where the fence finally fails and the survivors home is overrun with the voracious undead.  Of course you can always check back here next Monday morning for another Zombie Round Up to get the lowdown on all things Walking Dead!


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