Cover of the Day 10/20/13

Comic Book Panel of the Day- 10/20/2013

Good afternoon geeks!

Today’s panel of the day highlights the awesome cover artwork of none other than Jim Lee. On the cover of X-Men #3, we have members of all X-men teams fighting each other on Asteriod M. This issue was a apart of the Mutant Genesis story arc, that launched this new X-Men title back in the 90’s. I remember buying this book and freaking out over the cover that was super cool! In an era where good guys only fought bad guys, this was a nice change from the norm . Hope you enjoyed it. Stay geeky internet!

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When my fellow Autobots crashed in the arc, I valiantly defended the ship from the Decepticons. I crash landed on the island of Mypos and was later found by a young human by the name of Balki, who taught me the way of his people, the Greeks...

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