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Ahoy-hoy Evil Geeks!  It certainly was a crazy few days at the Javits last week and quite frankly, the Evil Geeks are all still laying about the Evil Lair in full on recovery mode.  Arthur’s been conjuring up all kinds of crazy shit using the blood of fallen cosplayers.  C-Mart’s been floating around in his M.O.D.O.K. chair all week.  Biff’s been in sort of a trance, just continually building an exact replica of the Convention Center out of Legos.  And Big Evil…well, no one’s actually seen him since he got into that fistfight with a horde of teens dressed as obscure anime characters.  We keep getting garbled voice mail messages from him, but we stopped listening after the first 36 or so.  When we could get a word out of the guys, those words were barely audible references to the hundreds of outstanding costumes that everyone had put together for the con.  Here’s what we think are each of their 5 favorite costumes from the show according to their garbled ramblings.

Biff Tannen

This is a list of my top 5 favorite cosplays of NYCC, I can tell you that it very quickly turned into me picking my 5 favorite characters that I saw represented. There’s something about seeing a character you love in the flesh that really is amazing.

5.) Typhoid Mary


This was one of two Typhoid Marys we saw at this convention, but I was so pleased that she went the route of the late 80’s early 90’s incarnation and the classic purple attire. My inner Daredevil fan rejoiced.

4.) Orson Randall


He’s a pulp version of Iron Fist…with guns and much more badass. I love this character and was blown away to see someone dressed up as him. He told me how disappointed he was that all day people kept coming up and asking him if he was Danny Rand.

3.) The Shadow


I loved this. If I ever decided to cosplay I would absolutely pick The Shadow as my character of choice.  The costume is vintage, easy and classic, it’s influenced so many other characters and costumes that came after it. This cosplayer had it down too. I never even heard him speak. He even went as far as to incorporate Lamont Cranston’s disfigured nose as part of his costume. My hat is off to you sir.

2. ) The Stunt Double Cast Of Spaceballs


Are you kidding me? This makes the list based on creativity and hilariousness alone. The fact that the costumes are great as well is just the icing on the cake. This also means we are one step closer to a Pizza The Hutt the cosplayer.

1.)  Black Manta


This costume was so damn impressive. I actually wasn’t familiar with the character at all and thought this was something the cosplayer had designed themselves. I love that the helmet has a retro style scuba diva meets horror vibe.

Arthur Harkness

5.) Ivy Doomkitty

ivy doomkitty

Ivy literally was the only one who could share a booth with Stan Lee….because of this freaking costume. Look at it. Just look at it…..that’s all that needs to be said.

4.) Orson Randall

orson randall

I know Biff already chose Orson Randall for one of his choices, but I couldn’t help myself. The fact that he came as Orson and not Danny, which is not to knock Danny because he is awesome, but Orson is the freaking man. He had it down perfect and didn’t mind that I yelled ORSON at him for about an hour until he turned around. Love it.

3.) Matt Murdock


Look at this kid’s face. He is literally grinning because he just found out that I loved his costume and the fact that he came in as Murdock rather than Daredevil just made it that much more awesome. You smug bastard. You stole my heart!!

2.) Zorg and Ruby Rodd

zorg and ruby

That’s pretty much the exact same face I made when I saw these guys. I saw Zorg first and it blew my mind. Adding in Ruby just made my brain explode in a super green mess of amazement.


boooo wendy

I would just like to start off by saying that this girl took all of my heckling with such grace and stoic stability. She knew what I was doing when I was screaming BOO WENDY at her, and she never batted an eye. I would just like to apologize to her for heckling, but I only did it because I enjoyed her spot on costume so much. If you are out there and reading this, Arthur sends his hello and his  hope for forgiveness. But to be honest, the simplicity and theme just made it perfect. good on ya Wendy,  This is hands down my favorite, mainly because she rocked it so well.


5.)  Vincent & Jules


I’m an enormous Tarantino fan, so I thought this was such an awesome cosplay! Not only because they just nailed the look of Jules and Vincent, but also because they went the extra mile and added bits of Marvin’s head to the costume as well.  You see those little bits strewn across those two, you know what those are bits of??? Pure showmanship.

4.)  Various X-Men


I’m a sucker for an ensemble costume and more so than that, I’m a sucker for 90’s X-Men comics.  I don’t know if these 5 knew each other and coordinated or they all just happened to be at the right place at the right time when this pic was taken, but well done folks!

3.)  Defeated Spaceballs


Spaceballs had a pretty solid cosplay turnout this year, which definitely kicked ass.  By far, I thought the people who dressed as the Spaceballs stunt doubles had the greatest costumes of the con, but almost nearly as good were these two dudes who went as the Ping-Pongs who got beaten up by Lone Star and Barf.  Plus, it takes a pretty big set of Spaceballs to march around in front of thousands of people all day in your underwear.

2.)  Random Guy Promoting A Kaiju Wrestling Match While Dressed Presumably As Some Form Of Sea Beast


This guy wasn’t really AT the con, he was hanging around outside handing out flyers for a Kaiju wrestling match.  As soon as I saw the words “Kaiju Wrestling Match” I knew these people had just sold me a ticket to their show.  However, the event isn’t scheduled until mid-November!  Come on guys!!!  How about a little planning next year and maybe hold that the same weekend as comic con?  Seriously, I would have cancelled my plans for that evening and immediately gone to see a bunch of dudes in giant monster costumes fighting each other if it were going down that night, but I’m not making a 2 and a half hour drive next month to see it.  Anyway, I thought this was a cool costume.  It looks like the monster from the Beastie Boys Intergalactic video.

1.)  Ivy Doomkitty as Ms. Marvel


Yeah… because…yeah…Much like Arthur I was also pretty enamored with Ivy, Really don’t have much else to say right now; I’m actually sort of losing my grip on the English language as I gaze at the lovely Ms. Doomkitty. Yeah…

Big Evil

Disclaimer: I had a really, really, really hard time coming up with only 5 cosplayers from last weekend because the costumes were friggin’ fantastic, so here goes…

5.) The Wicked Witch of the West
This costume was so badass and to be honest, screen-worthy. Seriously, this person outdid herself because she looked like she walked off a Hollywood lot. Great job!!!

4.) Thanos
So Thanos has been around forever, but Marvel is leaning on him as the big heavy in both its comics and its movie universe as well. Therefore, it made sense to see the Mad Titan running around NYCC this year. The thing that makes this costume though is the look of disgust and anger that the cosplayer wore across his face all day!

3.) Peter Griffin
Not only did this guy look just like Peter Griffin, he sounded exactly like him. Seriously, Family Guy’s first run had to be on when this guy was about 12 and he has spent the following years honing his skills to become the Man from Quahog.

2.) Cute Galactus
I’ve been to NYCC many times and have seen the young lady who I have dubbed Cute Galactus for a couple of years now. Her costume is frankly legit and she is always down to pose for a pic. She’s the perfect mix of Destroyer of Worlds and cute girl next door. Jack Kirby would be proud!

1.) Khaleesi on the Iron Throne
For starters there were a bunch of Khaleesi’s this year but this one stood (or sat) above the rest. It’s kind of funny how folks of similar tastes find themselves at comic con, Daenerys actually found this team of different cosplayers who all made up a piece of the Iron Throne with Margaery and Olenna Tyrell! Seriously…How bad ass is that. The thrown in my opinion makes this my number 1 pic, the concept and construction was just amazing… so here is the “Thrown Team” too.

OK Nerds. We went, we saw, we snapped some pictures and next year we’ll do it again!

See ya on the interwebs…

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  1. hey, guys!! the picture of the 90’s X-MEN. that’s my friends and i!! i made all the costumes, and Saturday we came as a group of 14 X-MEN again all the costumes made by me. you can see them all on my page Big Team Riot Cosplay. thanks for the pic!!

  2. Love the Khaleesi costume and she was super cool. but that Throne was my creation, consisting of my lovely friends. sweet Danaerys was not with us.

    • Thanks for the clarification Molly. Let this stand as a lesson to us all that just like in Westeros, here in the real world people are willing to do anything to claim the iron throne for themselves!

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