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We’re into the fourth week of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the story is beginning to unfold. Over the past few weeks we’ve met some individuals, turned them into a team and got them to actually care about one another. This week we get to look into someone from Coulson’s past that he thinks he may have pushed too hard. The show opens in a public square in Sweden. The streets are littered with people and a large group of men with red masks, suits, and briefcases walk down a staircase. They pass groups of people that seem to not really give them much attention and then pass by a lone young woman. As they pass her she closes her eyes and almost appears to reach a sense of calm and then the woman follows the group of men as they descend down a stairway leading to a subway. Some people seem to notice the large group of men in masks and even take some pictures, yet others don’t seem to give them a second look. I found this a little odd to be honest; if it were me and I saw a group that looked like that walking into a subway train then it’s safe to say that I’d probably wait for the next one because only one of two things could happen at that point. 1) One of the people in that large group of men are the Red Skull or 2) They are meeting other friends like that for one helluva crazy flash mob… either way I’d pass. Luckily though, the people of the Marvel Cinematic and TV universe are way more ballsy then me!!! The men board the train and so does the young woman. She looks at them and they give her a look back that is Fringe-like. She closes her eyes again for a second and then takes out the lights in the train car. You here banging and screaming and the train pulls into the next station, people are freaked out and get off the train fast (although again, they don’t seem to be all that shaken up about it…weird I tell ya) and a conductor runs on to find 6 red masked individuals on the floor and one of them has his hand cut off with the briefcase gone… WTF… Damn. Now with the exception of the way people were (or weren’t acting,) thats a damn good opening to a comic book inspired show… their best to date.

We move to the team on The Bus. This wasn’t the first kind of robbery like this and when Coulson finds out he seems very interested so he accompanies Skye and May on the scene of the incident. Sky realizes that there is a signal down and she thinks that the first thing that people would do if they saw that large group of people would be to take their picture and post it online, so they look through social media sites and Coulson sees a picture of the young lady and recognizes her as Akela Amador. Amador was a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and protégé to Phil. She went missing on a mission years prior and although her team was found dead she was missing. It appears as though she went rogue and is now a super-spy criminal and he wants to go and confront her. May and Ward both disagree and think that they should contact S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, but Coulson wants to take the chance. They argue about how she has been able to pull off the jobs and Skye jokes about ESP, which May throws back that there aren’t any known telephaths in the world. The scene goes to Amador in a hotel room and a knock at the door. She grabs the man and tells him he told her to come alone, he says that he did and she asks about the person in the next room and the elevator… the man freaks and says that he didn’t know what else to do. She lets him go and they begin an exchange. She hands him a golf ball and when he looks confused she dumps water over it in his hand and the ball dissolves to a handful of diamonds, she then shows he another two and tells him that he can get through Customs with them. He hands her what appears to be a key card and when he asks says it will come to her.

Back on The Bus the team has tracked Amador to Belarus, everyone except May goes on the ground to find her despite mixed feelings of the group. Coulson and Ward head into the city and leave Fitz, Simmons and Skye in a surveillance van. While the trained agents are searching to town the non-fielders pick up a hacked/scratchy signal in the van of what looks to be a countryside, all the sudden they see their van on the screen. Fitz waves him arm and they realize they are in for some shit and BOOM! Their van gets rammed by Amador and tips over into a ditch. Coulson and Ward get to their team quickly to find out that they are all alive, they return to the Bus and May gives Coulson an I told you so. They get into the hacked signal again and realize that it’s Amador’s eye. She writes a note asking if she can sleep now and a message comes across the screen. She never was a rogue, just being controlled! The team agrees to keep an eye on the surveillance to try to figure out what her next play is and May volunteers for the first watch. After some down-time, Coulson returns and asks where is May? Well, she’s gone to confront Amador. They have a stare-down in her hotel room and Amador tells May that as soon as she sees her that she will have to kill May or else a failsafe will kill her. Coulson bursts the door down and takes out Amador quickly. She wakes up on The Bus freaked out that “they” will find out, but the team hacked her signal and are playing out the mission for her.


We learn that Amador was on a mission and didn’t act with her team since she was more of a loner. They were all killed and she was taken captive and surgically enhanced with regular messages/orders coming through her eye.If she didn’t do as commanded she would endure excruciating pain that only got worse and was told that eventually they would activate a failsafe and blow up her eye. Amador’s “eye” is a highly evolved camera that had been grafted to her. Not only can it receive signals but it actually has an X-Ray mode both forward and backwards, so she can really see behind her back! (prey-ty cool 🙂 ) Anywho, Fitz and Simmons have rigged up a pair of glasses that Skye hacked into the feed so that Ward can do Amador’s mission so the team can try to capture her puppet master while at the same time attempting to remove the fake “eye” surgically. Amador is thankful, but at the same time wants to know why they’re helping her and Coulson said that he believes that everyone deserves a second chance. We end up with an intense dual scene of the surgery and the mission. Fitz and Simmons have to go where no lab-rat has gone before, and work with tech that it years past them and Ward get’s into some sort of foreign facility and pulls a perfect secret agent man scene and tells Skye that he will do whatever he has to to keep the mission going as he is fed directions from the handler through the glasses (meaning kill if necessary.) The scene takes a complete U-Turn when the feed sends him a message to seduce a guard… ha ha! Ward attempts a Russian bromance, but fails miserably and has to beat the hell out of the guard instead and moves onto another room where there are multiple people sitting around a desk, un-phased by Wards arrival. On the walls are formulas and he looks at one in particular for more than a second when a message on the glasses say Mission Complete. Alarms go off and Ward needs to make a daring escape. In the meantime of the super spy duties and the surgery, Coulson is tracking the handler and getting closer and closer every time a message is sent.


During the escape Ward is being chased by guards and while evading them passes a mirror and the handler knows that Amador has been compromised. Ward tells Fitz and Simmons and they quickly clip the blue wire and throw the “eye” into a container. The handler flips the failsafe switch and an incendiary device goes off which would have definitely taken out Amador. Ward escapes with the help of Skye and Coulson tracks down the puppet master only to find out that upon confrontation a failsafe device goes off in his eye too! Back on The Bus, Amador is safe and a S.H.I.E.L.D. team is taking her in. Coulson says that she will have a fair trial and that he will speak on her behalf and she is just taken aback. May escorts her to the other S.H.I.E.L.D. officers and she asks what happened to Coulson, because he is different. May tells her about the battle of New York and how he almost died, but still she says that it’s something else… moving down another level of the Coulson mystery.

All in all, this episode was awesome. What I really liked about it was the super-spy hardware that Amador was packing because it reminded me of Jim Steranko’s old S.H.I.E.L.D. series. Another thing to point out was the whole “No Telephaths” thing… so I guess that this is a non-mutant Marvel, huh? I still think that the big bad, The Rising Tide, is really HYDRA, at least I hope. Also, I wish that the Coulson’s not Coulson thing would die down a little bit and only bring it up here and there rather than every episode like they have been. What do you think about the show? Are they pulling it off? Are you enjoying it? Let us know in the comments!

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