Follow Up From Last Weekend’s West Coast APE

Welcome to the Alternative Press Expo!

Welcome to the Alternative Press Expo!

Hey geeks! Sorry it took me so long to post about my adventure at the APE last weekend, I’ve been spending the week communing with my four-legged friends like usual and am just now getting some time to write about my experience. Well sadly it wasn’t NYCC, but while I was a little jealous of my villanous counterparts on the east coast, it was a whole new experience for a comic-virgin like myself. You see, the APE stands for The Alternative Press Expo, and it originated 20 years ago when some comic-officionados by the name of Dave Sim and Dan Vado decided to host a convention for smaller, independent publishers to get away from the DC and Marvel dominated regular comic-cons. Their creation caught on with writers, artists, and publishers, and now for 20 years the APE has been one of the leading indie comic events every year.

Of course while I spend most of my life in an alternate science-fiction or fantasy reality, you might be surprised to know that Lilith is not a regular comic reader. I appreciate the art form, but haven’t found a lot of time for it in my lifestyle. I think the closest I came to reading comics regularly was as a child when young Arthur Harkness convinced me to read many of the X-Men and Spiderman comics, but after middle school the genre never really took hold for me. But being a newer member of the brotherhood and with my goal of infecting west coasters with our antics, I set out to experience the APE and gain some new appreciation for the graphic novel.

My only dissappointment with the convention was the lack of cosplay. I was looking forward to enjoying fellow obsessed fans sporting their favorite villain’s clothing, but this convention lacked any costumes for the 4 hours I was there. Aside from that, this convention was full of amazingly talented artists, hilarious storylines, and evil-doers galore. There were also several workshops and lectures featuring accomplished artists, writers, and editors giving lots of great tips for everyone who wants to join the industry in some form or fashion. I will let you all know that I have been working on an outline for a zombie novel for some time now, and this conference was able to give me some great tips on publishing and contacts with publishing groups that might be interested in my style, so if you too are a creator this convention might be a great connection for you in the future.

Additionally, there were over 800 booths in the exhibit hall to peruse. Just to give you a snap shot of some of my favorites:

Jenny Parks Illustration featured amazing cat portaits. Since I work with animals on a daily basis I can tell you there are so many more crazy cat ladies out there than you would want to know, in might give you nightmares to know how many exist. And crazy cat ladies, some of whom are my personal friends, love their cat portraits. This artist created cat portraits of a style I have never seen before though, and I am absolutely in love with it! Cats portrayed as Iron Man, Bane, and even Loki and Thor! I was absolutely in love with these paintings, and some day might have to ask for a commission of my cat, I am thinking I’ll have her one up like Olivia from Fringe personally.


Since my mind has been all vamp-oriented this month of Halloween, I also spent quite a bit of time at The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade. This booth featured an artist that’s taken a true story from Scotland and morphed it in to a series blood curddling comics. I really enjoyed the covers of the comics featured at the show, and this might be a series I actually go and purchase to hopefully start up my new comic reading hobby.


I only purchased one thing while at the show, so I have to give it up to Dave Malki for creating a book worthy of my $5. His work, at, takes paintings from long ago and modifies them with new dialogue for a more modern comic. He has a book on all animal paintings that I just couldn’t help but spend my money on, and he seems to have an interest in science in a lot of his work too.


Sharon Wheeler was one of the speakers whose lecture I attended, and though I was too poor to spend money on it his new book “God Is Disappointed In You” seems like quite the amusing story. Basically he and another writer converted the Bible in to its basic message book by book, and though it might not be what Catholics want us to see it gets right to the point. And something for us evil-doers to look forward to: Wheeler is coming out with a new comic called Astounding Villain House this month, featuring all his favorite villains in history.

And while there were numerous creature artists at the show, I was taken aback by the talent of Brynn Metheney. In addition to stunning representations of monsters we all know and love, she also created quite a few imaginative new species as well. While I couldn’t afford her books now, some day I will be making an investment. I think it would be the perfect coffee table eye candy if I ever become more domesticated.

I hope you enjoy the pictures folks, the next event Lilith will be attending on the west coast will be San Jose Star Wars exhibit opening in my new home base this month!!!!


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