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Any good nerd knows that 2013 marks Superman’s 75th anniversary and as I reported to you a couple months back, Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm were making an animated short depicting the 75 year history of this beloved character. Well this weekend at NYCC 2013 DC finally unveiled the animated short and it is nothing less than amazing!

It truly captures the essence of Superman in my opinion and I honestly had chills when I first saw it this weekend starting with the iconic music. We see a Superman from all era’s starting with Action Comics #1, then moving to Fleischer’s, then George Reeve’s, going into the comics history, then to Superfriends. We see the Christopher Reeve version, the Timm-Verse, and it goes full circle into Henry Cavill’s performance, but there is so, so, so much more… and all in about 2 minutes!!!

This short is truly remarkable. As a huge animation fan and a lover of comics I haven’t been able to watch it without a huge grin on my face. The only thing that I would complain about is the length. 🙁 I’d love it if it was 10 minutes. Maybe with a new Bat on the horizon they will do something like this for my favorite caped crusader next year (HINT, HINT DC!!!) but make it a 30 minute history!!!

Do this justice and watch it on a big screen hooked up to Youtube with the surround sound blaring, or be on the lookout for it to air on the Cartoon Network tonight (October 16th) at 6:58 PM (ET) or catch it on The Man of Steel DVD or Blu-ray in November!

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