Zombie Round Up: 30 Days Without an Accident

Hey there Evil Geeks!  It’s officially zombie season again, so let’s head back to prison as The Walking Dead kicks off Season 4 this week.  I’ll be here with you again all season long, bringing you an in-depth break down of each episode.   When we last left Rick Grimes and the others, the Governor had been exposed as one seriously evil bastard and after turning on him, the people of Woodbury have now come to live at the prison.  With all these new roommates living at the prison, anyone who’s ever seen an 80’s sitcom can tell you; wackiness is about to ensue!


“…and I call it Zombie Kush. They say it’s the stuff that killed Elvis.”

When 30 Days Without An Accident starts out, it’s clearly been some time since the ousting of the Gubernatorial One.  New relationships have formed; finally everyone gets the Carol and Darryl hookup they’ve been demanding and Beth has a little something going one with one of the newbies. The prison defenses have been shored up since the battle with the Governor.  Some roles have changed as well.  Darryl seems to be what passes for a celebrity now in the prison.  In a world of necessity, people no longer worship others because they’re rich or just famous for being famous, Darryl is put on a pedestal because he’s someone who provides for the prison town.  He’s greeted with a constant stream of “Hey Darryl”‘s wherever he goes, and even has a fan moment with a young character named Patrick (who you could absolutely tell was zombie bait the minute you saw him on-screen, but more on that later), who nervously states that he’s honored to meet Darryl.  After a traumatic conflict such as the one with the Governor there’s bound to be a toll taken on even the strongest of human beings though and that’s where Rick comes in.  After surviving the all out war with Woodbury, it seems that Rick’s swinging in a more agrarian direction these days because the prison is now teeming with not only crops, but pigs also.  Finally an unlimited supply of pork rinds!!!  Rick’s lost the taste for violence and is now even going so far as to stop wearing his gun altogether.  Which concerns Hershel and a newly formed Council, who are now responsible for making some of the important decisions regarding the group of survivors.  I would say that they have serious reason to be concerned.  He’s hasn’t reverted to his crazy, post Lori’s death state, thankfully, but something is definitely off.  Rick is supposed to their leader but his mind is clearly elsewhere as evidenced by his reaction to the horde of zombies clawing at the prison fence while he’s busy getting his Green Acres act on; he’s trying to ignore them, but he’s still distracted by them.  The crops and the farming represent the greater well-being of the group.  He’s looking after everyone by making sure they are well provided for and not out fighting one-eyed legislators.  At the same time though, there’s part of him that just can’t resist the urge to get out there and start killing zombies.  The zombies represent the mounting sense of danger and urgency Rick’s feeling because of the fact that he’s no longer the man of action he once was.

The debate over whether to listen to NPR or Fox News Radio got pretty heated at times.

While Rick is getting down and dirty with his old hoe, it would appear that he’s farmed out his action duties to Darryl (there was a sale on puns at Rite Aid this week, so you get two for the price of one!), who along with Sasha, are the point people on supply runs. With life inside the walls of the prison being relatively safe for the time being, the supply run is the most dangerous job to be had.   The scavenger group heads out to a former army run refugee camp they’ve been scoping out.  Over the break, it seems the survivors have been brushing up on their zombie strategy as evidenced by not only the new security measures at the prison but also by the fact that they used a boom box to lure all of the zombies out of the camp so that the humans could freely explore it.  It shows that the humans are adapting and becoming more in control of the new zombie filled world.  The sudden appearance of the undead would surely catch an entire species off guard, but now that we’re getting used to it, people are once again gaining the upper hand.  At the same time though, it also means that humans are once again the most dangerous thing to worry about in terms of threats to safety and survival.

Darryl just gives the entire store a Fonzie style tap and sure enough it lights up and starts playing music.

Darryl and Beth’s new squeeze, Zach, appear to be getting close, with Darryl serving as something of a mentor to the younger Zach.  Zach is trying to guess what exactly Darryl did in hos previous life before the”turn” as he calls it.  Zach guesses that he was a police detective prior to the zombies and while Sasha and Zach both assume when Darryl says he actually was an undercover detective, I kind of get the impression that there’s a chance that he wasn’t lying.  It would explain some of the tension between Merle and himself.  Merle was obviously a criminal even before the turn, so I don’t think that it too far-fetched to believe that the little brother Merle picked on his entire life would grow up to be a cop just to piss off Merle.  Might be a crazy idea, but who knows?  Sadly, Zach will never find out the truth because he ended up becoming a zombie Lunchable thanks to the FNG, Bob.  Upon hearing of Zach’s death, Beth has a pretty cool reaction to it, basically just shrugging the news off.  Yikes.

I really enjoyed this start to Season 4.  Season three ended with so much craziness that it’s nice to see that the group has had a fairly easy few months since then.  I did have one question about the episode though that really needs to be addressed.  How is Rick using an iPod and why does Michonne bring him an electric razor?  Where the hell are they getting power from???  If there’s some kind of solar hookup at the prison then that’s believable, but show us the thing first!  A great episode to kick off what will hopefully be a great season.  I’m seriously hoping that the Governor shows back up again at some point this season.  It’s almost certain that he will, given that his specter is certainly looming over everyone at the prison.  Check back here every week for a brand new Zombie Round Up!

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