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This one is for all you sci-fi geeks out there. I feel a bit off-kilter straying from the theme of Halloween Horror running rampant within the Brotherhood, and in my home, but I recently rewatched this enjoyable 90’s TV show and wanted to write my thoughts about it while they were fresh. Earth 2 only lasted one season, but at least it was in the olden days when TV shows aired for more than 10 episodes a season. I don’t know when the TV networks decided to change their yearly “season” to 10 forty-five minute long episodes, but that was one lazy-ass decision that still grinds my gears. As much as I love Walking Dead, Falling Skies, and Game of Thrones, being able to consume the blu-ray in 3 days, or if watching it in real time taking in a season in less than 3 months is a crime against humanity. So when you delve into some of the retired wonders out there, like Earth 2, you will be pleasantly surprised when you realize the good old days featured seasons with over 20 episodes. Earth 2 has 22 fun-filled episodes for your entertainment needs.

Earth 2 is set in 2192, and as likely will be the case in our future, humans have destroyed most of the present day earth, forcing the survivors of the species to live in massive orbiting space stations. Living somewhere with zero gravity seems to take its toll, and children start being born with a “syndrome” that slowly paralyzes and kills them. Researchers suggested that this “syndrome” developed because of a lack of an earth-like environment, which inspires our main character Devon Adair to begin researching other habitable planets and to amass a colonization party to go to one of these planets 22 light years away, all in an effort to save her son who has the “syndrome”.


Now the majority of the space-related action occurs in the first episode, when their ship The Eden Project is about to leave for its journey to planet G889, and a plot to blow up the ship prior to departure by the government is foiled. Our explorers are able to embark on their journey, but when they arrive at the new planet 22 light years later they sadly crash land. As the group slowly gets out of their shuttles and reconvenes they can’t help but be awed by this new planet’s flora as they have never enjoyed these sights, sounds, and smells.

After the first episode the story delves away from any space travel, but instead centers around interactions between the native species, and humans as the new aliens. Grendlers are one of the first species encountered, a hunched over hippo like creature reminiscent of Jim Henson’s muppets that enjoys trading goods. Lucky for humans, the saliva of these natives is the cure for most diseases.



Another adorable little species is the Kobas, which looks like a pangolin found in Africa only cuter. Almost the opposite of the Grendlers, the Kobas have venomous claws that when pricked with them the victim goes in to a coma for several days that mimics death.



And the most important (as well as creepy) native species is the Terrians. These humanoids live mostly underground and have a symbiotic relationship with their planet. These mysterious monsters cure Devon’s son Uly of the “syndrome” early on, and become a key player throughout the series.


The show as a whole tries to create similarities to human colonization we know throughout history, like the Europeans colonizing North America and Africa. And it throws in some nice twists here and there. One of the first shocks is that while the group of explorers is expecting to encounter the native fauna, they are astounded when they stumble upon another human shortly after their arrival. And who is that human? None other than Tim Curry!!! Tim Curry has a villainous smile that would make the Lannisters ripe with envy. And his voice is so identifiable and chilling. In Earth 2 Tim Curry tries to pretend that he is a previous astronaut that accidentally crash landed on the planet, but it soon comes to light that planet G889 was previously used as a penal colony by humans, though the government tried to cover this up from the general public. Tim Curry’s character is one bad-ass psycho killer that now runs free on the planet and gets himself turned on by playing cat and mouse with unsuspecting humans and terrians.


One common theme that does come up a lot is the corruption of the massive government known as the Council back with the primary human settlements. This Council has abused this planet before, and  commits many acts to sabotage our favorite settlers from becoming an independent colony of humans. Another theme that is hard to watch some time is how cruel humans can be. While the terrians have a peaceful and symbiotic relationship with their planet, the humans exploit its resources and are cruel and hurtful to their own members when it serves them well. While it might not be the most flattering portrayal of future humans, it seems sadly realistic.

Despite the sad truth that we humans are the 6th great extinction on our current Earth and probably will bring death to future planets if we ever learn how to effectively travel through space and time, Earth 2 is quite the thrilling older sci-fi show and one that will hopefully make you wonder what you would do differently if you lived 200 years from now and were able to explore new earth-like planets. Until next time my alien-admiring friends!


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