The Wolf Among Us debuts Friday!

What’s Up Nerds!
This weekend is looking to be a dream for nerds in general, between NYCC on the East Coast and A.P.E. on the West Coast it seems that tons of us will have things to keep us busy all weekend long until The Walking Dead airs on Sunday night! But if you can’t make either of those conventions, don’t fret, because you’ve got something awesome to keep you on edge all weekend too!
Today, Telltale Games releases the much anticipated game, The Wolf Among Us, starring none other than Bigby Wolf of Fables fame as he solves a crime in the Mundy! In August I had the opportunity to site down with Fables creator Bill Willingham and he was really psyched at just how good Telltale made this game. Honestly, think of how many bad video games out there are based on comics, so when the creator tell you that they’ve impressed the hell out of him that can only be a good thing!

Telltale gave us the very popular Walking Dead game last year and released it in “episodes” over video game networks and Steam and plans to do the same with this as well. The release trailer for the game Check out the trailer for this game yourself and you’ll be ready to fork over the dough to live the life of The Big Bad Wolf himself!

See ya in Fabletown!

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