West Coasters Stay Calm, There’s the APE This Weekend!

All this hype about the NY Comic Con is making me slightly remorseful that I just abandoned the east coast last month. With survival guides and drinking games abounding amongst the Brotherhood, I think I might be missing out on the moment of the century. But I guess I don’t really know what I am missing since the largest comic con I have been to was in Boston this past summer.  Feeling quite envious of those attending the NY Comic Con I started searching for something I could get my twisted fingers in to. And though it will probably be smaller than Boston, I found something: The Alternative Press Expo in San Fran this weekend!!


It won’t be anything near as large and eventful as NYC, but it is also a hell of a lot kinder to your wallet. And for those of you aspiring artists or movie makers, this might be more geared towards you. This event is related to the Comic Con network, but tries to feature alternative and self-published comics, art, books, and movies. A lot of the line up and events will be quite helpful for anyone who wants to start writing or drawing their own stories, or for anyone who needs a break from Iron Man edition fourteen thousand and Spider Man Version 2,976.4.

So West Coasters, I need some minions to add to the Brotherhood’s following. I’ll be cruising the exhibit hall this Sunday taking pictures of all of you in costumes, hopefully spreading the word of all that is the Brotherhood. And if you are feeling a little envious of your East Coast counterparts at the amazing NYC Comic Con, remember that the West Coast still holds the largest Comic Con world wide every year in San Diego.


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