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Hey there Evil Geeks!  We’re two episodes deep into Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and it’s already become appointment viewing here in the Evil Lair.  The expanded look at the Marvel Cinematic U has so far turned out to be quite entertaining; incorporating hallmarks of both the Whedon-verse and the MCU.  Oh wow…the thought just occured to me that this show could exist both in both of those universes simultaneously, which would completely blow my mind.  That would make the events of both Buffy and Angel precursors to the establishment of SHIELD. Those supernatural occurrences could be some of the reasons that such an agency was needed. Imagine getting a crossover all three shows?!?!  They could team up and take on Mephisto or maybe a blood crazed Morbius.  Man that would be cool!  We’re off topic, I know, so let’s get back to the matter at hand: The Asset.  Tonight’s show served two main purposes: to further develop Skye as a character and also to introduce us to something we’ve never seen before: new baddie. Maybe even the Big Bad for this season?


Skye is supposed to be our entry point to the show.  I mean, come on; who among us can’t relate to a hacker who lives in a van and plays an integral role in a possibly sinister organization while at the same time getting the red carpet treatment from a government agency looking to recruit you.  Happens to me like three times a week.  Aside from her hacking ability, she really hasn’t shown us or SHIELD that’s she’s capable of much else.  This episode sees her getting sent into the field on a mission solo for the first time.  Agent Ward tries to teach her some fighting skills before she heads out, in a scene meant to play up the “Will they or won’t they” factor.  Just do it and get it over with already, I hate when they pull this crap to drum up ratings.  Get back to the story line and let’s skip the scenes with these two fawning all over each other.  Skye manages to slip into a party being held at an estate where SHIELD suspects a scientist who was abducted from their custody by an unseen assailant at the very beginning of the episode.  That scientist is one Dr. Franklin Hall, but more on him later.  It’s still not clear though if Skye is completely on the up and up with SHIELD or if she really is still loyal to the Rising Tide.  She tips off Ian Quinn, the man responsible for the kidnapping and the spectacularly extravagant soiree, to the fact that SHIELD is eavesdropping on the party through her.  After removing her earpiece, thus neutralizing SHIELD’s ability to listen in, she tells Quinn that she is playing SHIELD and wholeheartedly supports the Rising Tide.  Normally it’d be easy to dismiss that as just being her cover story to the already suspicious Quinn, but what about her secret text to Rising Tide saying that she was “in” in regards to SHIELD.  Who knows, maybe she does fully intend to screw over SHIELD and it turns out the SHE’s actually the Big Bad?  I doubt it, chances are she’ll stick with SHIELD, but the main contender for the title of Main Villain for this season has got to be Dr. Hall.

graviton_articleIf you’re not familiar with the character of Graviton, don’t feel bad.  I know way more about comics than any normal human should and even I’m not exactly up to speed on this dude.  The only place I only ever recall seeing him was in the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon.  His name is Franklin Hall and he originally appeared in comics in 1977 and was last seen being reincarcerated in the Raft after Electro’s rampage/prison break.  The TV version of Hall spends most of the episode as nothing more than a nerdy scientist.  However, by the end of the episode, he’s suffered a mishap that could lead to him becoming Graviton.  Hall has created a means for altering the effects of gravity, which could have many positive commercial uses, but also terribly horrific consequences if used for evil. Quinn kidnaps him in order for Hall to build him a weapon using the device, but Hall decides to intentionally misfire his weapon, killing everyone on the island where everyone has assembled for the party.  Coulson manages to stop the device from killing everyone by dropping Hall into the big ball of timey wimey (or in this case I guess it would be gravity wavity).  SHIELD confiscates the device and keeps it in storage, Raiders of the Lost Ark style.  At the very end though we see a human hand form out of the ball of gravity wavity.  Could he reawaken in the near future, now imbued with the necessary powers corresponding to his comic book counterpart, seeking revenge on those who destroyed his life?


We’ve never seen the birth of a super villain in the expanded MCU yet, so it’ll be interesting to see if he turns out to be the season’s main villain or if somehow his threat is deemed serious enough for the Avengers to be called in, who end up pushing Coulson and his team to the side.   I’d like to see Coulson and Company take on a villain of Graviton’s stature and if SHIELD sticks to its Whedon-verse roots, he could very well be the person that the team goes up against in the season finale.  We’ll have to wait and see!  Stop back again next week for another installment of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Up!

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  1. I am really liking this show. I also like how they are foreshadowing what happened to Coulson after the Avengers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Graviton was a nice surprise for me. I remember him from the 70’s-80’s Avengers comics. He was pretty tough in many ways. Look forward to his return and in a more imposing way in future SHIELD episodes.

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