I Do Believe I’ll Be Watching the Simpsons This Sunday…

I was, once upon a time, a Simpsons fanatic.  In face, half of the Brotherhood routinely gather and revisit classic episodes.  And even in the decade or so since I’ve stopped watching religiously, I try and make a point of watching the Treehouse of Horror specials.  They’re non-canonical short form stories, and I find they turn out a lot better than the recent episodes I’ve seen.

Time and Punishment

And this year’s episode is opening up with a killer couch gag designed by Mr. Guillermo Del Toro!  Check it out!

Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of little horror genre Easter Eggs. Are you a fan of Del Toro’s catalog of films? Godzilla?  The Phantom of the Opera?  The Phantom of the *Paradise*? Classic Universal monsters? Lovecraft? George Romero? Godzilla? Ray Harryhausen? Alfred Hitchcock? Stephen King? Tod Browning? Pretty much any notable work of science fiction horror?  Then definitely give this a watch. There’s even a cameo by everyone’s favorite mesmeric amphibian, HypnoToad!

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