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I’m proud to announce that there is an absolutely amazing Wonder Woman Fan Flick that hit the web on September 30th and already has almost three million hits on Youtube, with most of the comments out there being quite favorable!!! It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero that Hollywood just can’t seem to wrap its head around, but the folks at Rainfall Films may have just cracked the code. Although a very short film (2:30 seconds,) you can easily see the potential of what Diana could be on the big screen. Check it out…

This isn’t the first time that a fan has made a movie about one of our beloved superheroes that made us all want some more. A couple years ago Thomas Jane (famous for his role as The Punisher) made a short titled “Dirty Laundry” just because he really wanted to play Frank again. Unfortunately Marvel has not pursued another Punisher movie, but one can always hope. On the flip side, in 2010 a young director named Kevin Tancharoen made a short film titled “Mortal Kombat Rebirth”. Tancharoen accidentally loaded it to YouTube publicly instead of just posting it up as a private link and the world went nuts. Fans didn’t know if it was a trailer for a new movie or a video game and the internet was crazy with theories of what it could be. After such critical acclaim he was able to work with Warner Brothers to create the popular web series Mortal Kombat Legacy that MK fans really enjoy.

So what does this mean for Diana of Themyscira? Only time will tell, but hopefully someone at Warner’s see the potential sooner than later and gets this lady some serious screen time!


Athena, Give me Strength!

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