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I am in your nightmares. Welcome back kids to another edition of Horrors, and much like last week, this one will be dedicated to a single person, but one I am sure you are all familiar with. Now I do feel slightly weird spotlighting him, mainly because of certain things that he did to certain underage people, but he is literally a huge part of Halloween, much like my man Jason Voorhees. Coming all the way from fondling parts unknown, ladies and gentlemen I present to you….Freddy Krueger!!

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Freddy is the sort of guy who just loves to get under your skin and play with you (figuratively and literally) before finally sending you off to a dreamland of horrible things. Whereas Jason just wants to kill you in the most primal of fashions, Freddy wants to ruin your life, keep you awake for days and then finally when you are at your breaking point, send you off into the sweet embrace of horrible death. Sounds fun, right? Well you’re wrong!! It’s terrible, and by terrible I mean oh so awesome. Freddy, just to give a brief description, is a child molester who was caught by the town he lived in, and instead of turning him over to the authorities, the town’s parents took it upon themselves to burn him alive in a boiler room, and not the one starring Vin Diesel. I’m talking like it already looks horrifying so let’s put the enraged spirit of a child molester sort of boiler room. I actually don’t even think the place is suited for anything else besides that to be honest. Freddy also has a hand of nightmares, covered in razor sharp knives that serve as his main source of agony distribution. Besides his hand, which is arguably the most iconic piece of Freddy besides his trademark sweater, his other claim to fame is his ability to leap into and distort your dreams. When you sit back and think about that for a minute, what place do we all think that we are the most safe? In our dreams, right? We hold power over them and they aren’t real so they can’t hurt us, right? Well throw that out the window because Freddy can get in there and fuck your whole day up.

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Imagine this…you are having literally one of the worst days of your life. Your boyfriend/girlfriend just got murdered in the most strange and brutal of circumstances, and all you want to do is go to sleep and forget about everything that has happened. TOO BAD!!!! You are now a part of Freddy’s world and he is here to play a little game with you. It’s called who wants to get fucked by my hand claw…..high score gets to die first. Pretty brutal right? Well that’s the sort of guy Freddy is. He talks shit, he stalks you, he lets you know he is going to kill you, but he won’t let you die easily. He wants to play with you, he wants to horrify you, and he wants you to die in the worst of ways. He sometimes even gives you a shot at trying to take him on, but believe me, most of the time it’s easier to just let yourself feel the sweet embrace of death. Not to say that he is completely unstoppable, just very, very difficult to kill. You have to play on his terms, and if you understand what that means, congratulations as you are one step closer to either a horrible death or a slightly less horrible death…..either way you’re pretty much fucked. Killing Freddy isn’t really something that is doable, as you can only prevent him for a while, but he always makes his way back in one way or another.

Now I honestly cannot talk about Freddy without mentioning the magnificent Robert Englund. He has literally brought so much life and character to Freddy that he has almost made a life out of that single portrayal. He has also been involved in quite a few other pictures and he is simply magnificent. He is literally one of the most iconic men in horror movies and without him we wouldn’t have such a thriving genre. It’s the same with Kane Hodder, who plays Jason in the Friday the 13th series, and without him stalking the woods, where would we all be today? Anyways, Freddy is vastly more messed up than Jason, mainly because of his back story. Jason was an unwilling participant in his demise, as drowning from teenage negligence is not something he can be blamed for, but Freddy…..Freddy did everything that he was accused of, and he honestly deserved to burn, but that is what makes him so compelling. You want the kids to succeed against him, unlike in Jason where I honestly feel that Jason is the good guy, but Freddy is really, really, really the bad guy in this, and he deserves to be killed over and over again, but it doesn’t make him any less endearing. It’s crazy to be honest.

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Now I won’t go off and say that Freddy is my favorite nightmare, because that will always belong to Jason, but he is definitely one of my favorites. Just the sheer amount of totally fucked that follows him around and permeates through his charred flesh is enough to keep me coming back for more, and when they announce Freddy vs Jason, I almost creamed my jeans. How is this physically possible? How can two goliaths such as Jason and Freddy possibly share the same screen? Turns out, they couldn’t, not well at least. I mean it was awesome for me, but in terms of the film itself, it was kind of a dud. I enjoyed it mainly because I am a huge fan of the genre and the team up, but was still left wanting by it. I definitely enjoyed the premise, and it was really the teens and people running from them that really killed it for me. Robert Englund and Kane Hodder did a magnificent job as their respective roles, but the rest of the cast left much to be desired. The remake of Nightmare on Elm St wasn’t too bad either, with Jackie Earl Haley taking over the reins of the Freddy character, and to be honest, I thought he did a pretty good job. The make up seemed a bit lackluster for me, but I thought his rendition of the man of nightmares was tastefully done. The best part of the remake was the doubt factor. In the originals they made no secret that Freddy was a child molester, but in the remake, they didn’t actually come out and say it. it left you wondering if the parents had made either a grievous error and burned an innocent man alive, or if they did right and put him into a realm of hell for good reason. I won’t tell you what happens, but it’s really harrowing to see it. I enjoyed that very much and thought it added a layer of depth to the film and made you question whether or not he really did molest those kids.


With Halloween in full swing and only 30 days away, it’s looking to be a very spooky and wonderful next few weeks. Freddy has always been a huge part of my Halloween life, not as much as Jason, but still high up on the list. Freddy is just so iconic in pop culture now that people tend to forget what put him there in the first place; The brutal murders of a bunch of people…..but it wouldn’t be Halloween with Freddy, now would it? Here’s to you Mr. Krueger…..please stay away from my kids and dreams……

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