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Good day to you all out there in the haunted limbo of the geekdom! Have you all missed me after a few days? Of course you have! Don’t lie to yourself. These next couple weeks are going to be super busy for the geeks coming up to NYCC, so I decided to get all of my recreational activities taken care of in advance, such as going to the movies. It’s been rather slim pickings the last couple weeks, and under pain of death, I am going to admit that I have still yet to see The World’s End, but there is a reason for that. I did however, get a chance to make it there a few days ago with Lady Harkness, and in the blackest reaches of NY, we caught Insidious 2. Here’s hoping you have all seen the first one, because this is going to be spoiler heavy…..mainly for comedic factor. Now before you go all crazy on me thinking that this is going to be a satire of a review, let me just calm your fears now….I actually enjoyed this movie. I’ll tell you why. Take my hand and Jesus take the wheel!

the further

The first Insidious film tells us the tale of a son who is being haunted/stalked by some unknown entity that is causing him to have out of body experiences while he is asleep, and we learn that this is due to a sort of red faced asshole demon stalking him and trying to take over his body in some fashion. There is also an older lady who is involved as well, but you don’t really learn too much about her. You do and you don’t. It’s one of those instances where she is a minor character, but has the ability to turn into a heavy hitter when given the opportunity, which is exactly what the second chapter of the Insidious films dives into. I actually did not mind the first one all that much, but it still left something to be desired, mainly because not all things were done in the fashion that I was expecting/ hoping for. I know this sounds more like a personal gripe, but it wouldn’t be a Harkness review without that. Anyways, we aren’t here to talk about the first film, we are here for Insidious Chapter 2. The movie picks up right where the first one left off with the family in question moving back to the main character’s mother’s house, which is you saw the first one, is not a fucking good idea. Honestly, it’s as if these people have immediate amnesia and forgot what just happened. We learn that the ghastly business has not stopped, and when the dad came back out of the Further, which is essentially Limbo for spirits, something came back with him, and by something I mean that creepy old bitch from the first movie……who is surprisingly hot when in ghost face make up. Not like modern day standards of it, but more a classical gorgeous much like ladies from prohibition era America. I know it sounds weird, and she is still horrible, but it was just something I noticed, and when I say horrible, I mean fucking horrible.

Insidious 2 trailer  (Screengrab)

The whole aspect of the film revolves around the main character being possessed by said hot horrible woman’s machinations, and doing things and acting in ways that are not characteristically him. It’s actually more of a slight approach to a possession aspect, which I appreciated because he didn’t go full on demon or anything, his body just started rejecting it and failing because the dead are not supposed to inhabit the living. I enjoyed that more than I should have, because it doesn’t make it the focal point but rather something else that happens. The physical attributes and attacks of the ghosts are actually a lot more brutal in this one than the last one, and it takes a largely more physical approach to everything. Houses come alive with ghostly horrors and the Further takes a much more prominent role, as the main character has been trapped there the whole movie. I really liked the Further because it shows that there is a sort of middle ground between hell and heaven, or the warm place as they refer to it in this movie. It makes you see that there is a place where tortured souls are still tortured and in some cases makes it much more scary. This whole movie takes a turn for the awful though when they first discover what the old lady was originally doing, and why she is so vengeful and horrible. I really liked what they did with that, and I won’t say too much so to at least leave you with something to look forward to, but it gives the whole ghostly aspect a much more human and terrible approach. You feel for the kid when you finally find out, but at the same time, you cannot sympathize with him mainly because of what he has done as well. There is a scene in the Further that also sent chills down my spine, mainly because I have an irrational fear of dead bodies being covered in sheets…..yet still standing and upright. THAT SHOULD NOT BE!!!! It casts a whole new sort of fucked up aspect to the film, and was well done. I can only imagine the feeling of breaking into a haunted house, throwing down some word dice, and being guided into a room that is full of upright bodies covered in sheets that have been sitting there for years. I bet that smelled fantastic.

insidious shrouds

The ending of the movie was pretty satisfying for the most part, but left me feeling slightly uncomfortable. When the main character comes back from the Further and is finally reunited with his family, the look on his face just screams “I’M NOT THE REAL GUY!!!” , even though it is the real guy. Unless something happened in the Further that they didn’t tell us about, it is the real guy, and the movie ends with the family embracing each other and living to see another day. The official end of the movie though sees the mom from Detroit Rock City who was the medium in the first movie until she got throated, and was back in ghost form in the second one, ghost her way to someone else’s house in order to help them solve some ghastly issues. She encounters a girl who is essentially comatose as well, but when she looks up she hears a growling, and has a look of absolute terror on her face. My first theory is good old RedFace from the first movie, but she looked a bit more scared than she should have……which leads me to my second theory, it’s White Walkers……just kidding, it’s most likely the RedFace, and that’s totally cool with me. One thing I need to point out though, is the absolute wonderful duo of the Ghost Hunters Specks and Tucker. These guys literally made the movie absolutely enjoyable, and if anyone needs their own spin off series, it’s these guys. I would watch that all day every day. Hollywood, Make it happen!!! I don’t want to give too much away, but you will dig the things they do., and provide a nice bit of comic relief to the whole formula.

specks and tucker

All in all, I enjoyed this movie. Understandably it is not the best movie ever, but for PG-13, it’s actually pretty good. Not relying on blood and gore to get the job done, the scares come somewhat clean, but with force. I hope they do plan on making a third one, as I will be one of the many to see it in theaters. If you guys like ghost stories, old hot ass debutantes, or maybe even some really awkward child abuse (not in that way you sickos), this one is for you. Arthur gives it his stamp of approval, and it’s in the shape of a mushroom. Now if you’ll excuse me…I think I hear the piano in my ballroom playing…..

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