The Comic Con Cosplay Drinking Game

Greetings Evil Geekdom!  As we get geared up for the 2013 NY Comic Con, we’re bringing you all kinds of helpful tips that we’ve accumulated over years and years of con attendance.  This spot originally ran last year ahead of the 2012 NYCC, but the information is still relevant (although I think it may be time to overhaul the costumes uses in this game), so we’re bringing it back to you.  See you guys in New York!!!

The King spots a slave Leia and decrees his subjects must imbibe 5 sips

The King spots a slave Leia and decrees his subjects must imbibe 5 sips

Hey now, Evil Geeks!  If you want to check out a panel or maybe get an autograph from a special guest, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be spending some time waiting in a line which can get a little boring after a while.  While waiting in line before the Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” podcast last year, we members of the Brotherhood came up with a great idea to kill some time while waiting in line:  The Comic Con Cosplay Drinking Game!  Of course, gameplay doesn’t have to be limited to line waiting situations, you can play anywhere in the con at any time. Disclaimer:  I’m pretty sure the people running the show at the Javitz would frown upon we fine upstanding citizens, imbibing in demon juice during the con, so be sure to keep it on the down-low.  Also, remember to drink responsibly, because with great alcoholic power, comes even greater gin-fueled responsibility.  I really can’t stress the importance of responsibility when you’re getting mind-numbingly smashed.

SURPRISE!!! You're about to get loaded!

SURPRISE!!! You’re about to get loaded!

It’s fairly easy to play, and all you need is a quietly smuggled in flask of your favorite booze.  Basically, every time you or someone you’re playing with see a certain costume, your opponent(s) have to drink the corresponding amount of sips assigned to that costume.  You can choose whatever costumes you like, but I’ll list the ones that we use.  We came up with costumes for the base scoring system, just because we noticed that they were the most popular costumes among the attendees.  I have thrown in a few variations though,just to flesh out the scoring system.  Here’s the list:

  • Doctor Who costume seem to be the most popular (although the 10th and 11th Doctors are the most popular, you will still see a Tom Baker every now and then), so The Doctor  is good for 1 sip of booze.
  • Sticking with the Doctor Who universe, an Amy Pond sighting will cost your opponent 2 sips.
  • Our final entry from the DW universe is for those with sharp eyes and geek-level attention to minutia.  If you can spot an 11th Doctor wearing a fez OR an Amy Pond in a policewoman uniform, your opponent must guzzle 3 sips from the hooch flask. (2x bonus if you see both at the same time)
  • Although she is waning in popularity, every year there are still a decent number of girls dressed as Ramona Flowers.  She gets extra points for her increasing rarity, so she is worth 4 hearty swigs.
  • At the top of the scoring tree is the absolute queen of the cosplay arena.  The original Hutt choking bad girl, Slave Princess Leia.  She of the gold bikini is worth a room spinning, full on chug of 5 sips.  Be careful with this one though; I’ve seen packs of girls dressed as Slave Leia walking the floor before.  A bevy of barely clad Alderaanian babes could be your private escort into the belly of the Sarlaac Pit of blackout drunken-ness.  There, you will be slowly hungover, for a thousand years.

Well, that’s it. Pretty simple and straightforward, so if boredom is your disease, we just gave you the cure!

I don’t always drink, but when I do, I drink Evil Geek style. 

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