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Oh what a tangled love life we weave. Welcome back to another edition of your favorite insertion column made of suggestions with your boy Arthur. Now I know this one may seem like it should be under the Horrors tag, but since it is going to be nonstop horror for the rest of this month going into next month, minus the finale of Breaking Bad, it won’t really make that much of a difference. You will still get some sweet suggestions, alongside my normal posts. Now that that’s out of the way, time to get down to the haunted meat and potatoes for this week, as I bring to you something that is so devilishly awesome, that you shouldn’t need me to tell you to watch it. Ladies and gentleghouls, I present to you American Horror Story!

Now I am assuming some of you have at least heard of it and even watched it, but there are still a lot of you out there who are oblivious to this wonderful show, and that is a slight shame as it is just amazing. It was a couple years ago when I first heard of this show, and I was immediately intrigued. Now my issue is that I rarely get a chance to watch television during the week as I am either busy or playing video games, so I wound up missing it until the second season. However, I stopped after a few episodes because I thought I was missing some things from the first season going into the second. I was contemplating buying the first season because I wanted to catch up, but just never did. I know, I make a lot of promises to myself that never seem to come to fruition, but I still wanted to watch it. Enter Netflix. Lady Harkness and I had just gotten done watching Fullmetal Alchemist, which you should all catch as well, and needed something new. I saw that they had the first season of Horror Story on Netflix, and two days later we had conquered them all, and it is so freaking good. The first season has to be hands down one of the best series of television I have ever seen, and I will tell you why. For time purposes and spoiler restrictions, I won’t get too in depth into the story, but you will thank me for that as it is so good you will not want to know anything about it except the bare bones description. So here we go.

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Imagine a house that keeps its inhabitants. Not like the standard keep, but keep forever. That is the sort of shit that will be haunting you throughout the first season. You may think it is a standard haunted house affair, but it is way beyond that. The family in questions is already dealing with some pretty personal demons, and the addition of acquiring a house that is part wood/part haunted nightmare just makes things worse for them, but better for us. It’s nuts the way things play out and just the sheer creep and scare factors that permeate the show are enough to cause alarm to most viewers, but it just makes you want to watch more. You have your standard horrible things happening, but for what the family doesn’t know, everyone else knows. The nosy neighbor who doesn’t know how to mind her own business, the misguided and haunting neighbor girl who likes to pop in unexpectedly, the moody teenager, the jilted ex lover….all of these are played to perfection in season 1. It’s funny because I was expecting just your general haunted house story , and like I previously stated, it’s so much more than that. It’s a look at a shattered home life and the psyches of a whole family going through horrible things. Add a haunted pregnancy and a horrible household history, and you have the makings for something extraordinary. The best part is that everything intertwines in such a way that seeing one thing may not be what you are really seeing. Mysteries prevail and common logic goes right out the window. Also, one episode has one of the most jarring and uncomfortable experiences ever. In a show filled with them, it’s amazing how one can stand atop so many others, but trust me, you’ll know exactly what I mean when you see it. The acting is also superb and some characters are just so good that even though you hate them, you can’t help but love them as well. It’s just good to know that when you are watching something, you aren’t going to get some halfassed attempt at a new series with crappy writing and filming. This show pulls out all the stops and tries to haunt you well beyond the run time of an hour. Its amazing.


Now something that did kind of bother me, yet intrigued me was the fact that I learned each season is not a continuation of the last one. I was somewhat upset because I wanted to keep going with the characters we were introduced to in the first season, but they went in a completely new direction with the second season. Titled Asylum, this season takes place entirely in a mental ward, where shit is fucking crazy. I thought the first season was messed up, and then I watched the second and was blown away. It is so ridiculous that they could go in a completely different direction and still keep the same amount of awesomeness from the first season. Introducing an entirely new cast of characters, but keeping some of the actors from the first season, the writers have made me a huge fan of the show just because they proved that they can do something similar yet entirely different with the material they have created. It keeps things fresh yet familiar. Introducing some more religious aspects to the show, it takes a turn on morality in terms of subject matter. A priest who is willing to do what he must to stop corruption, even if it means becoming corrupted himself, a nun with a horrible past, and an innocent sister who is possessed and deformed by the unholiest of means. It’s pretty brutal and some of the procedures and practices that go on inside the asylum make you feel for those people that were put there. Because you know these things actually happened, it just makes it that much more horrifying. Taking on themes such as homosexuality, mother issues, and the sheer toll certain actions can have on a person, this season ups the ante quite a bit in subject matter. The first season did well on those, but the second season just blew right by it in terms of taking a look at what some people deem crazy and what others deem normal. There is also one scene that I was mortified by. It’s a sing and dance number, but one you see it and realize what is actually going on, you have in your sights one of the most un horrifying, yet totally horrifying segments you will ever witness. It was supremely jarring at the end, but at first, you just think people are having a good time. Trust me, when you see it, I am sure you will feel the same or at least understand where I am coming from. Highlighting this season is the arrival of one Ian McShane who is so fucking good in his role that I was screaming when he first appeared. Lady Harkness did not know who he was, but I did, and I was ecstatic when his mug debuted on my screen. His part is just so messed up and awesome that I can’t even say anything because it will spoil things. I’ll just say that Christmas doesn’t seem so jolly anymore.

Now I wish I could have written more about this amazing show, but the fact is that any sort of info would be a spoiler, and I have been trying to be good on those. I know all of you like to be surprised, so I am saving all of the bumps and bruises, all of the hauntings and electro shock until you get a chance to see it. With season 3 right around the corner, it is looking to be a wonderful October for the Harkness clan this year. There are so many horror based and Halloween themed things coming out soon that I am beyond excited. It’s going to be awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, my 3 o’clock appointment is here, and he keeps calling himself Bloody something……


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