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Oh what a week it has been my fellow geeks. Between hitting our one year anniversary, finally revealing the origins of the Brotherhood, to a simply magnificent dinner at our fearless leader’s abode, it has been nothing short of celebratory. With that being all over now, it’s time for us to get right back into the swing of things and continue to bring you what you all crave…STD’s!! Just joking. You all know that we are clean…for the most part. Anyways, today marks the day of the week where I give you something that you should be doing, and should be doing immediately. It’s Suggestions!! They’re in you! You love them!! It’s Diablo 3!!!!!

Now most of the time I tend to give you guys either books to read or movies and shows to watch, but this week I am going to give you something to play with…and it is not yourself. I am definitely considered a gamer, even though I hate that word. I prefer master of the controller arts, even though I am borderline terrible at most games, especially first person games, except Borderlands. But what you may not know is that I am fuckawesome at hack and slash games, and have been waiting patiently for Diablo 3 to come out on consoles. Why console you ask? Because I prefer to multi task and watch Netflix while playing games, and my computer most likely wouldn’t be able to handle it. I have been waiting for what feels like too long, and have filled my time with other things like Assassin’s Creed 3 and Torchlight. Torchlight by the way, is amazing, and you should all check that out too. My wait for Diablo 3 came to an end though as I rushed to where games stop on my lunch break and picked up my pre-ordered copy. Work went by entirely too slow after that, and in a sweaty haze of excitement and bloodlust, 5 o’clock hit and I was free to run home and pop this bad boy in, and pop it in I did……all the way, baby.

Now I am no stranger to Diablo, as I have played the previous two installments plus expansions, and was very excited to see how this one stacked up. I read some things about the PC version, which didn’t necessarily turn me off, but made me slightly hesitant to try that version, along with the fact that my computer couldn’t handle it. I really wanted to play it anyways, so I jumped in on the console version, and I have been having a blast with it. Now, I know a lot of Diablo purists are probably somewhat upset with the game considering the changes that were made, but trust me, it’s not a bad thing. It is still a hack, slash, loot and gear based game, but there are slight differences now that make it feel more like an arcade game rather than feel like the original Diablo games. For example, health orbs now drop along with potions which will heal you and whoever you are playing with. Sound like its making it cheap and easy? Well you’re wrong. The reason those are thrown down is because you are most likely going to be getting your ass kicked and will definitely need that health to survive. The sheer amount of enemies thrown at you in this version, trumps the amount that was thrown at you in the original games. I hate to make the comparison, just because they are both awesome games in their own right, but Diablo 3 feels slightly like Torchlight in its appearance and play style. Normally it would be the other way around, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was playing a Torchlight and Diablo hybrid, which is okay in my book. However, like I said before, I am assuming some Diablo fans are going to be slightly pissed. It does feel like you are playing a hybrid though. But health orbs and game comparisons aren’t really what you are here for, is it? I know what you want…..

Classes!! We have an expanded roster in 3 compared to the other two installments in the series, and have included some new and returning faces to the hunt. We have your standard barbarian and sorcerers, but now we have Demon Hunters, Witch Doctors, Arthur Harknesses, Monks and more Arthur! That’s double the dose! For my first play through, I actually made two characters just to see who I would like better. I went with Barbarian and Monk, and let me tell you this, my play style leans more towards Barbarian, but the Monk is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Using fists and kicks, they beat the crap out of enemies and summon giant bells to crush them. The barbarian, as well as I play him, is slightly less fun than the Monk, but more than makes up for it in sheer strength and survivability. The barbarian doesn’t get really awesome until about level 20 when you finally have some really awesome attacks to use, but it just takes a little while to get there. I got my monk up to around level 15, and was having a blast with him, and definitely look forward to jumping back into the fray with him. Another new thing they have done is that any class can be either gender now. In the originals, you were stuck with whatever the game had, but now you can be either male or female in all of the classes, which is pretty awesome as I am sure not every girl who plays games wants to play as a dude, and vice versa.

The loot I will have to say, is slightly more forgiving and rewarding in this game than previous ones. You are constantly acquiring more and more gear as you progress, but at the same time, you can keep certain loot for a loooooong time. Normally, you play these games to keep getting more loot and more gear, but it throws so much at you, that sometimes it can get slightly overwhelming, and lose that sort of new item appeal. I can’t say how many times I got 15 different weapons and armors only to realize what I had on was better than the higher level gear I just got. It kind of upset me, mainly because I love getting new gear, but if you are tossing so much useless stuff or underleveled stuff at the player, it can get exhausting constantly checking your inventory to see what you just got. Now it is not to say that the gear is bad, because it is good, just too much sometimes. I also do not envy the person who has to make those “trash” items that most players either sell or toss out. There is so much of that here. It just makes me wish that we could use the crappy white gear for a bit, before trading that in for a rarer blue or yellow item that may drop if we are lucky. It would make getting that new piece that much more enjoyable. It’s almost like getting a new phone every 3 months. Sure it’s fun at first, but eventually you’re going to grow exhausted getting a new phone over and over. When I played WOW, I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to finally get that piece of high end loot you have been searching forever for. It could take weeks, even months to get that gear, rather than the hour to two hours to get a new piece of gear in Diablo 3. Now I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, because I am not. I just wished there was more of a HUZZAH feeling sometimes. You know what I mean.

I know all of you are going to ask about the multiplayer as well, and you should, because it is super fun. The first day that I got this game, I called my buddy to see if he picked it up too, to which he replied yes, and I screamed yes. We made a time after work to hop on and slay, and it was an absolute blast. I am not one to play hours of Call of Duty or anything, but I could sit down all day and slay in this game without feeling tired or bored. Just the constant onslaught of enemies and battle makes it worth while, especially when we get overcome with so many monsters, but still survive to continue forward. It’s a very tense and fun situation to be involved in, and I must praise what they did with that. The arcady feel makes it seem less like a game, and more like a good time, which a lot of games could learn from……seriously. I still play this game with my buddy, considering it has only been out about 2 weeks, but the inevitable drop of GTA5 is going to put a damper on that, as most people on my friends list will be playing that. Don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing, but I think I am going to continue hacking and slashing until I feel like I just can’t anymore. Even now, as I sit at work, I contemplate what will be in store for me the next time I log in. Will it be untold death? Countless enemies? Or will it be victory and glory? I am going with victory and glory…and so should you. Like usual, I don’t give number scores to games or anything else I review, but I will definitely tell you to go pick it up, and hit me up on XboxLive so we can slay some creatures together. I also didn’t want to give away too much of the game, like some other site…..so I am just going to end it here and give you all the opportunity to check it out for yourselves and witness the magic…and weapons of Diablo 3. Trust me, have I ever steered you wrong? Fuck no I haven’t!!!! Just get it, and let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Amazing? Heartbreaking? I wanna hear it all!! But until then, my hands are shaking in anticipation for a free night and a large coffee to keep me slaying well into the night. Happy hunting geeks!!

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